"The Adventure

September 28, 2010
By OultonJ BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
OultonJ BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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Blooberbob is an orange. Yes an orange. You see, he was born on a tree, which he calls his home or mommy. As for a person, that would just be some extra wood to cut down. Time to get busy. If you still don’t believe me, pick on his peel, or imagine him. Want to know what he looks like? Oh man, he has those buckteeth that you can’t keep your eyes off that fancy top hat he’s always wearing. Some kitty whiskers and those dark spectacles, which are all black. That might make him look blind, but no sir, he has eyes of an eagle. He sometimes has a rude attitude so watch out what you say. He lives in Florida and you might get a chance to see him? Find him much on a tree relaxing or socializing with his very few friends. Blooberbob is picky about friends, you see, he doesn’t like guys with hair like pineapples, kiwis, or coconut heads. That just makes him uncomfortable and makes his skin peel. He found a lucky friend called Baraboo who is a Banana and yeah, he’s defiantly yellow. He has one of the finest yellow skins you’ll ever see. Each day they walk around on the ground or just hang out on his tree. For that, you know they have fun.
One humid clear less day, things started out ordinary, the birds were singing, chicklets were chirping and his neighbor’s kids were fighting. But, something inside him had an unordinary feeling; he just couldn’t point it out so he shrugged it off. Baraboo came over as usual and they chilled and sipped on some tea while the sun glissouled over Blooberbobs ripe perfect orange skin and glowed the yellow of the yellowiest on Baraboo. It was a phenomenal view from the treetop as they sipped. You could see all over the place and the thick forest surrounding them. As they were sipping, Blooberbob’s eagle eye vision caught something mysterious, or should I say, one of his fears. Loggers and Fruit collectors were invading his home area! Before their eyes, it ended up as a flash cause it spontaneously happened. The loggers where in black suspenders, looked like they took steroids, their blood veins popped out as if they where going to burst and you probably might mistake them for the Incredible Hulk. Then there’s the Fruit Collectors. They looked like evil doctors in white with this terrible frightening Freddy Kruger grin. Worst of all, they had this basket that was tan, which looked inescapable. That was the worst because there was a slight possible probability that Blooberbob and Baraboo might be in that very basket.
“Oh my god!” yelled Blooberbob “we gotta get outta here!”
“What you talking about?” Baraboo said startled. Then once again Blooberbob said,
“We got to leave right now! Get you’re a** off the seat and let’s go!”
Just then the most fearful sound ever, the sound of a monster was knawing a few trees away.
“Aaahhh!!” screamed Baraboo. They said no word to each other as they rushed down the palm tree on their descent for the ground, the beloved home and mommy soon to be from 20 feet tall to be resting on the ground. This once ordinary day was becoming a nightmare filled with screams and the smell of fresh wood entering the atmosphere.
“Go go!” yelled Blooberbob “we must find somewhere safe!” Both are finally on the ground, they can’t even look at the devastation around them just pure quick glances. Saw dust is hurling around like a swarm of bees as the trees go down one by one as if the world was going to end.
Exhaustion has taken over Blooberbob and Baraboo. They find a rundown cardboard box and rest. They hear screams and cries from the disaster they evaded from.
“Please don’t eat me! No! No!” Silence. The two of them know what’s going on. The Fruit collector is nabbing fruits for harvest. They know what’s going on and don’t want to discuss it.
“We gotta get outta here!” said Baraboo. “Faraway, faraway where we can be safe and away from those monsters!” Blooberbob next said,
“We’re safe, we just need to stay on the safe side and make the right actions.” Baraboo snapped back,
“Quit being optimistic, you know we’re in danger and we’re leaving tonight!”
The stars lit up the sky as they wonder the woods. It seems endless as they pass tree by tree not knowing what direction but faraway from danger. Gasps come from their mouths as they haul over logs and jumping puddles of water. Soon enough, night turns into day and they see the changed landscape before their eyes. Log stumps stick out of the ground like graves, limbs are tangled with each other and leaves scattered all over the place like feathers.
“Holy cow, what happened here?” said Baraboo. They saw some fruits, which Blooberbob disliked because they had hair. As they walk up to them, there was about 4 of them, huddled to a tree stump, quivering, shaking as if they saw a ghost. Perhaps they did but who knows. Most likely they did.
“What happened here, are you guys okay?” Baraboo said. Then one of them spoke,
“The trees started falling from the sky, soon enough, giants with baskets started picking us one by one, some of us escaped, but most of everyone were snatched up and we watched helplessly as our friends and families were carried off.”
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry to hear, I hope you guys are okay,” said Baraboo
“You don’t have to say that, we completely lost everything,” he was a pineapple, poor him, he looks so miserable Blooberbob then said in his mind,
“I’m glad I’m not him, I have faith in me and, I’m determined to get my a** outta this hell hole and find a fresh start somewhere else.” He just happened to walk away and observe the scene of the disaster. This once flourishing lush forest is now an ugly looking prairie, filled with stumps with dark lacerations on the ground like poke dots. Baraboo happened to appear by his side and says that both of them should head north. That’s probably where the safest place it will be. He goes on talking and says those fruits back there are zombies, they lost their minds and sobbed. They aren’t thinking clearly and so on.
“Who cares about them.” Blooberbob say.
“Hey! Your such a d*** for saying that, their lives are ruined and are left for the bugs to eat them!” said Baraboo.
Did Blooberbob really say that? Was he going crazy? He just couldn’t put in words why he said that.
“Yeah, whatever you say” he says in a sarcastic voice. Blooberbob realizes that he’s one of the lucky ones; he has courage to move on and to have someone with him. Then says to himself in his mind,
“I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one like that, somewhere out there, there’s a person just like me.”
The day progressed while Baraboo and Blooberbob decided to rest. Next they were lying down. Baraboo said he’s going for a leak then
“yuhh yuhh” replied Blooberbob. He’s lying on a patchy spot of grass in a meadow, looking up at the clouds, they look like dinosaurs, a bird, and even a lollipop. Blooberbob missed his old days when he was a young adolescent orange. All he did was watch as the clouds passed by. He didn’t have to worry about anything back then. Now he’s all grown up and experienced. Peacefully and soundly Blooberbob experiences nature. He was about to does off for sleep when out of nowhere Baraboo comes running.
“We gotta go, we gotta go!” Blooberbob was frightened by this sudden burst of yell. He didn’t even think, so he got to his feet and started running. They were side by side and Blooberbob asks,
“ What did you see!”
“A monster!” the ground started shaking, He looked behind and there it was! A big human! It was a nightmare, two legs and two arms with that grinning Freddy Kruger face, his eyes where occupied on them, and it was scary! You might think this guy was attractive? Not for Baraboo and Blooberbob, he was gonna eat them and put them in his basket for later! Perhaps for supper! Blooberbob didn’t want to end up as desert so he ran as fast as he could as if they where running a race. They ran and ran and the Fruit Collector seemed not to slow down.
“When is this gonna end? I’m tired of running; I know I lost a few pounds, or even more. I just want to lay in my tree and dream, a big dream that I couldn’t wake up from.” Said Blooberbob. They kept their pace then they hear a snap, a whoosh, and then a plop. They looked behind themselves and a miracle happened, a tree had fallen on the fruit collector! Hurray! Both stopped and went back and observe. He sure wasn’t moving, dead like a bug under a tree. They decided to poke him to make sure that he wasn’t alive.
“Were safe, were safe!” exclaimed Baraboo, “ I wonder how this happened?” Then they peered to their right and there they where, the loggers! “Shoot, we better go!” Yelled Baraboo. But before that, Baraboo went to the basket, which was completely unharmed and opened it. Hundreds of hundreds of fruit came running out. They were free from the basket and screamed with joy. Blooberbob says to Baraboo,
“What was this guy doing with all them? Stocking up for winter or what?”
“I don’t know, we better get outta hear before those loggers come!” said Blooberbob. Both ran off knowing that they were safe instead of dwindling with fear.
They walked and stumbled upon other fruits. There were soo many; maybe after all Blooberbob was right about not being alone. Baraboo, Blooberbob and all the fruits were going in the same direction. Blooberbob saw a post that said, National Parks and Reserve.
“Whooo! We finally have a home to stay at!” Blooberbob yells. Baraboo and Blooberbob couldn’t believe what they’ve been through. They lost what they loved but found a new beginning. Blooberbob then says,
“I am completely at home in this new protected area and now I need to do is rebuild.” Tears of joy come to his eyes. He can’t believe he’s survived and what he ran from.
“I’m a runner,” Blooberbob says. “I know I have faith, I know I have courage and I know that I’m strong.”

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mollyiscool said...
on Dec. 20 2010 at 5:04 pm
this is a awesome story :)

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