The Forgotten Emo....Part 2

September 27, 2010
By SuicidalDreamer.. PLATINUM, Marshall, Illinois
SuicidalDreamer.. PLATINUM, Marshall, Illinois
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There is a deep sigh on the other end of the line
...."Tasha.....How many times....Ugh...I don't think I can get you out of this one...."

Tasha thinks for a second,shaking
her head she knows what to do...
"Ron I would like to turn myself in....."

There is a loud clash on the other end of the line and you could hear a strugle as Ron tries to pick the phone up again......

"But Tasha you will get the electric chair...!"

Tasha then looks at the Trinity, smiling a bit she says in a calm voice....

"I know Ron....But she was worth it....You should see her she is a pretty little thing....And I think she is homeless....Do you think you could take care of her for me....Please Ron, Please....."

On the other end there is a weeping sound as Ron relizes the truth of everything.....

"Of course Tasha....I'll take care of her.....I'll be there to pick you up in a few.....Give you some time alone with her....."

Tasha smiles knowing her secret....

"Thank you Ron....You have no idea what you have done for me....."

Tasha hangs up the phone and walks
over to where Trinity was standing
and hugs her tightly..She backs up
just enough to look at Trinity
still hugging her....

"Trinity....Ron is gonna be taking care of you from now on ok????"

Trinity gets a scared look on her
face and tightens her grip around
Tasha...."But....But I don't want to let you go again...."

Tasha thinks for a second, as she smiles....

"How did you know????"

Trinity wiped at her eyes, stopping
the tears....

"Because....You have the same smell as my mommy....I didn't know at first but I figured it out.....Please mommy don't leave me.....!"

Tasha starts to cry as she see's
off in the distance that Ron was
nearly here.....

"I will not leave you baby I promise,I won't leave you......."

Tasha takes Trinity's hand and
runs away from the incoming car,
she knows that she wouldn't be able to run forever but she just
couldn't let go of her baby again,
as Tasha is running she remembered
the night Trinity was taken...

It was a cold december night and
everything was quiet in the house,
But little did Tasha know that as
soon as everyone went to bed there
was a stalker outside Trinity's
window, ready to jump in and take
Trinity from her family....

It was a loud scream that made
Tasha come back from her memories,
Ron was standing right in front of
Tasha and Trinity.....

In that exact moment that Trinity
started screaming for her life,
Tasha knew that he was the one that
kidnapped Trinity that cold night......

Tasha grabbed hold of the closest
heavy object, which was just a
really large rock, She jumps at him and bashes him in the head with
the rock, there was a loud exsplosion sound that jolted Tasha's body back....

Trinity screamed and fell to her knee's as she sat there and watched
her mother bleed from being shot...

Tasha get's back up and holds onto
the rock as tight as she possibly
could....She rushes at him again, not very stable cause of all the blood she is losing....She bashes him in the head again and this time he fell down, as he lay there
cold as stone Tasha took the gun
he had in his hand and shot him
2 times in the chest and 1 time in
the head.....

Trinity quickly runs over to her
mother and grabs hold of her,laying
her down softly on the ground....

"I'll be right back i'm going to go
get some help...."

Trinity runs to the store covered
in blood and grabs the pay phone,
She quickly dials 911 and tells
them the location of where they
were, The owner of the store asked
Trinity if she was ok and she just
nodded as she dashed out the door
to get back to her mother....

Tasha looks up into Trinity's eyes,
her eyes looking dimmer than ever......

"Trinity....Baby....I love you....I never wanted to lose you....I'm so sorry....."

Tasha looks off to the side so she
can cry quickly and realizes that
Trinity is bawling her eyes out...

"MOMMY! I don't want to lose you!"

About that time the ambulance
arrives and takes Tasha to the

As Trinity waits to hear about how
her mother's surgery went she
thinks of all the wrong in her life
and how it was just starting to get
better and of course god takes it
away from her....She halls off and
hits the wall....


Trinity falls to the floor, curling up in a ball and starts to
cry all over again.....As she waits there a doctor comes over and
lays a hand on her back....


Trinity jolts up, looking around....


The doctor smiles...

"There she is....I remember you and
your mom....So, now for the news...Your mother is fine and you may go see her...."

Trinity's eyes get wide and she
takes off dashing to her mother's
room....When she opens the door
Tasha gets this big smile across
her face and sits up, giving her
daughter a big hug.....


Tasha holds Trinity tight for a few

"We will be going home tomorrow..."

Trinity nods, laying her head down
drifts asleep.....The next day they
drive home, when they arrive Tasha looks at Trinity real quick.....

"Are you ready?"

Trinity nods her head...

"I think so...."

They walk to the door and Trinity steps in ahead of Tasha...Trinity
gasps as all of a sudden those
foggy dreams she would always had
came rushing back, this time

"I remember this place...."

Tasha smiles as she lays a hand on
Trinity's shoulder....

"Welcome home....."

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