An ingenious farmer

September 16, 2010
In Persia, There one farmer lived in their village called Santhome. In Santhome the farmer is well known and important farmer in the village. In his field he cultivate so many seeds he sow like wheat, barley, turmeric etc.,. And the farmer is richer in the village . Yes, the rich arrogance stimulate to do some criminal works .Thou he involved in crook ways like as hide his black moneys under the house didn’t pay income tax to government. Although he Seen to people as a noble man. He has three sons.The farmer’s three son’s have different personalities. First son his name was Stewart . he has on habit he is always go throught the way faithness . Always he speaks truth only. Second son name was Robert he always speak lie. Third son name was George .he is envy of others Yes, he speak both truth and Lie but envy too. It stimulate to nab the mans!!!
One day the Farmer think about his Sons personalities it astonished him Because Individual man should have the three personalities like speaking truth, escaping by speaking lie and envy of others to what they became.But here one will speak truth antoher will be speak lie and another envy of others too… Alas!!! Its danger to me !!!
He Thought about his first son stewart (truth) because stewart knows where the farmer is hidden his black moneys and didn’t pay the tax!!!If he police enquired the stewart(truth) means Yes he will go to jail. He astonished…And his second son Robert (lie) always speaking lie and cheating the people. Both are same.
And the third son george(envy) is envy too of others If he see the richer people he likes to become it , by nabbing the person… Whatever he see others he likes to become of it. Yes,It has one limit…
By thinking about his son’s suddenly the farmer shattered and uttered alone ohh no no…
He relaxed his mind. And the farmer think again yes, I have to add and remove some personalities .For my sons I have to learn them one lesson . One day the farmer call his first son Stewart(truth) to go the forest and collect some sticks. Yes, it’s the dangerous forest without lying we can’t return from the forest On the way, before the forest one old man stand and begin asking helping the people by the way, stewart(truth) entered there. He asked the stewart to bring some plants to cure his disease I have and I m in verge of dead help me. Stewart is merciful and truthful he accepted and entered the way. What the stewart need in the forest ordered by the famer to collect the stick was done. He begin searched the plant . he find the plant soon. And the plant was protected by one man you have to tell some unbelievable lies that only I give but he cant although he think of the old man’s verge of dead he have no other choice to do without negotiation he told the lies. He hurried to the old man and give the plant it healed the old man the old man blessed him and give some gifts to stewart!!! He return to his house by the way he think that the “VICTORIOUS TO LYING” from the day he begin to talk lying for good matters. Yes, this was the trick of the farmer.Any way this was over next I have to teach the lesson for Robert (the lyer). Farmer told the Robert to buy a parrot with cage. He goes to shop and he bought that. On the way, the parrot speak to Robert weird. What? a parrot speaks? Ye, I talk. The parrot unfeels in cage. I have to leave this soon. The parrot planned. The parrot told to Robert if you leave from the cage I’ll show you hidden treasure. Instantly he accepted and he leave the parrot. Tell me where’s that? He scolded..
Finally the parrot said. Your lying is your hidden treasure. It worried him, because a little smart bird deceived and lyed him. He feel that too and think about others condition as in his condition. On that day, he stopped his lying. Farmer hidden and see this what was happened to Robert .ye, it was farmer tricks. He relaxed and think about his another son George(envy) he think it was too hard to solve this. By the divine, George go to bed and drifted in sleeping in it one dream appeared that was by his envy he nabbed so many peoples and richer men. It hurted the peoples and richer men relatives. Soon they are killing the George by different weapons. Suddenly George wake up and he shouted in panic. The farmer come and relaxed him. Next day, somebody complain about George every day But today nobody come. He weird. And test his son by his tricky ideas. The farmer family lived happily. And the farmers hidden sovereigns are return as a good way.

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