Black Storm Hits

September 21, 2010
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I sit in silence as I look out the window and watch the rain drops drip down the glass; the light that flickers above my head. The bald headed news guy from channel 6 news reporting that the biggest storm in California history…is approaching. The sky turning pure black, wind whistling at its highest; I just sit there in silence. My parents scramble around the house collecting food and water, blankets and pillows; I just sit there in silence. I think “why should I care about this storm”. My parents have been fighting for weeks now and they’ll probably end up getting a divorce. Worst of it all, my father’s hitting my mother and I. To me this storm it is not a tragedy, it is more like…an ending. I watch as the storm approaches, dark clouds getting closer and closer surrounding everything. The death of life coming nearer and nearer. I do not pity the world; I do not grovel on my knees pleading to God to spare my life. Life is a challenge. A challenge of survival. A fight between good and evil. More than groveling on my knees to try and spare my life; I sit in silence and wait for death to come. People say death is a painful thing but I think it’s peaceful. The worries, the struggles, the pains, they all vanish, they disappear. Death…is something indescribable, but something people fear and something people approach with confidence. This world deserves a chance but those chances run out. People like my father, people that kill, people that kill this earth, should fear death. I love living on this earth but it is something I do not wish upon anyone. To me living on this earth is a punishment but I know deep down that it is a challenge. A challenge that I think I might have failed. So I sit here and wait for death to approach. I want my worries, my struggles, and my pains to vanish, to disappear. My house shakes as the winds approach at 200 miles per hour. The dark clouds cover the city. My mother and father running for the basement screaming my name to follow. I take a deep breath and walk to the door. I grab the handle with confidence. I open the door and take my final step.

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Kresten16 said...
Sept. 24, 2010 at 9:28 pm
Hello everyone. This is not the real short story I wrote. I accidentaly sent in the wrong one. If you would like to see the finished one please look up short story called The Black Storm Hits.
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