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September 21, 2010
Why is it that I found out that my dad just doesn’t want to have me anymore like my bother we say things that we love him one mint and then we were saying that we never want to see him again in life but now we know that he was never there for us when we need him . like my birthday last year he had called 2weeks later when I hear him on the phone I just hung up on him I never want to talk to again but thing never work out the way you want it to .
Thing stared to happen after that he stop calling he just stopping seeing me and my bother and down deep I know that he loves us really much but he just doesn’t show it anymore and I have not seen him for like over a year and two mouths now and it hurts me deep down. When it first stared I was cutting and use drugs but now I stop cause I know that I was just using it to get over the fact that he had left me hanging and that I was just hurting really bad that I didn’t have a dad in my life . but now I have a step dad and everything is all right but I don’t see my real dad and I don’t talk to him anymore but I do still think about him and a daily basic day. I have learn to get over him and things that have happen in my life with him and my bother I never really ask my bother what he thinks about the whole thing but maybe someday I will ask him and find the truth that I have never know.!!!

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