Locked Soul

September 22, 2010
I look into her eyes full of pain and regret. She grabs my arms and looks into my eyes, revealing my soul to her. Her eyes just stare blankly at me. Why can’t I see her soul? What kind of pain could do this to someone? I have asked her many times before, all she does is pull her sleeves over her hands and change the subject. I’ve seen them those red slashes. They line her whole body. What has something done to the one I love? How can I get her to open her soul to me? The next day she was wearing that lovely white shirt. I noticed the red seeping through the fabric, and asked her why she did this. I didn’t think I’d get an answer, but I did. She is living as a prisoner getting abused. I ask her why she doesn’t just end it now. I peered into her eyes once again, but this time I saw her soul filled with a longing love that I was trying desperately to fill. I pulled her into a hug and told her I loved her and would protect her forever. I still don’t know why she decided to let me see deep inside her.

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