The Curious Set Of Keys

September 22, 2010

In his pocket he found a curious set of keys. The keys looked different than any
other keys Bob had seen before. He wondered to himself “I wonder where these came
from?” He asked his room mate Jim if he knew where they came from. Jim said “ They’re
mine, I must have misplaced them.” Bob asked what they were for, but Jim never said.

For the past week Bob had noticed Jim was acting different. He had been spending all his time locked in his room. He didn’t even want to talk to Bob anymore. Bob tried to ask if anything was wrong, but Jim always said “everything’s fine.” Bob was starting to worry.

One night while Jim was gone, Bob got curious and took the keys out of Jim’s room. He decided to hide them from him. When Jim got home he went right into his room.. About 5 minutes later he frantically came running out. He asked Bob if he had seen his keys and that they were missing. Bob said “ I have no idea where they are. What are they for anyway?” Jim looked mad and just went back to his room. He still hadn’t answered Bob’s question.

Bob was starting to get frustrated now. He wanted to know what was wrong with Jim. It was like he was a whole different person than the one he knew. Before Bob went to bed that night , he made a plan. Tomorrow he would find out what those mysterious keys
were for.

The next day while Jim was at work, Bob took his plan into action. He went into his room and took the keys out from where he had hidden them. He went straight into Jim’s room. He shut the door and started snooping. Bob found a book under Jim’s bed. It was all weird and written in symbols. Bob was starting to worry. Who was this person he had been living with?

He looked around for any place that had a keyhole. He noticed that the closet did. “Hmmmm maybe this is what the keys go to….” Bob tried every key and on the last one the closet unlocked. Bob creeped inside slowly. Right away he heard a strange scratching noise. Bob reached for the wall. He found a light switch and turned it on. Bob was shocked and horrified at what he saw.

Jim was sitting right in front of him tied to a chair. He looked like he had been there for weeks. Bob ran up to him and untied him. Bob yelled “ Who are you and why are you tied up?” Jim said “ I’ve been tied up here for weeks. I’m the real Jim, that other guy that’s pretending to be me cloned himself and took over my life. I was hoping you would find me eventually. The imposter calls himself Fredle.”

Just then, Bob heard the door to the closet open. He turned around and saw the imposter “Fredle” standing there. Fredle started yelling in a weird language. Bob and Jim took off running. Fredle quickly caught up with them and snatched the keys from Bob’s hands. He put them in his pocket and grabbed Jim and Bob. Fredle tied them up. Bob was terrified at what he saw before his eyes. Fredle was unscrewing his head from the rest of his body. He then took the keys and unlocked his head. Out flew a tiny spaceship with a little green alien in it! It started to fly closer to Bob.

Bob had been so focused on Fredle the alien, that he forgot about Jim. He looked over at Jim. Jim wasn’t Jim at all. There was another alien standing next to him, except in human size. Bob froze horrified. Jim started saying “Bob remember when I told you I was adopted? Well I left out the part that I had a twin. I guess my brother Fredle came to Earth to get me, so we can rule the universe. It turns out I’m from a family of aliens! Before I leave though, we need a humans body to take over. Looks like that’s you!”

Bob started to shake and tremble in fear. How could this be happening? He thought Jim was his best friend in the world. Bob started screaming. The last thing he heard was Jim saying “ The world shall be mine!!!” He started to think “ Am I dreaming…….?”

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