Confines of my Mind

September 20, 2010
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Deep shades of green; light hues of blue; the colors overlap each other as sky meets wonderful earth. Clouds shift and twist into abnormal shapes as though they cannot decide how it is they want to feel, think and be; as though the only true normality in their world is the fact that they had no real shape or destination. Grass sways this way and that, morphing itself to better fit the overall theme of the day. Only the happenings of the day give the grass its features. Lumps shape the ground, giving it its own individualized character.
Slanting light falls from the sky, drowning all of the random objects which litter the ground in the brightest of yellows. It’s warm, but at the same time it’s incredibly cool. The very air seems to smile as the world inhales deeply then exhales on a spinning motion. Each movement is that of a dance; simple with an elegant sort of complexity; curved and sharp all at once; graceful and jagged. Like a fire dancer spinning about within the flame while bumping their hips, attempting to keep the balance constant and lovely. Mistakes are more than welcome for they simply improve all of the other things. All of the small misdoings make all the correct moves just that much more gorgeous.
Despite the confusing shapes and the distorted figures, a strange sort of peace seems to emit from every pore; complete serenity. Only the occasional shadow muddles the awkward imperfection that holds so much beauty. The fuzzy dark patches occupy only the smallest, most sullen corners. There is no escape for them into the light that surrounds most all of the scene.
New things appear on a regular basis; sharp things, blunt things; things that move quickly, and others which make no movement at all. Nothing has an absolute shape, but nothing is undefined, either. It can make you learn, make you feel. It is exactly what I want it to be.

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Bethi said...
Sept. 21, 2010 at 9:12 pm
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