The Taste of Milk

September 16, 2010
By finnth BRONZE, Beamsville, Other
finnth BRONZE, Beamsville, Other
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Milk makes me travel into a new land of wonder. It reminds me of the taste of my driving instructor’s wife’s kisses. She’s so beautiful with her long golden hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her husband never pays attention to her and always yells at her; so I made it my job to take care of her.
He was a reckless man, and he soon found out of our love. Whenever I would go for my driving lesson, I would ask to use the washroom at his house; I would go in, arrange a date, receive a wonderful kiss and leave for my lesson.
One lazy, sunny afternoon, he looked in the window as I received my kiss and he flipped like an ape. He ran in the house, pushed me aside and slapped her so hard that the sound rang through my ears like a bankrupt stockbroker. It was here that our love faced its biggest problem.
I quickly found out that if I ran fast enough from school that I could get to her house before her husband did. I shaved off more seconds everyday as I would leap through the main school doors and bolt towards 34 Ancient Drive.
One day as I was wearing flip-flops, I was running very fast and both of the flip-flops flew off. I dared not to stop and continued on my way to her house. As I kept flying by people on the sidewalk, I stepped on a glass splinter just as I reached her house.
She had been waiting for me and ran out to my aid. When she arrived to my painful scene, she gave me kiss on the forehead and told me to calm down, and I did. How could I not with such a beautiful and gentle woman kissing and embracing me.
She helped me to my feet, and just as I stood up, her husband drove in the drive. He looked over at the scene of his wife embracing me and he started to cry. For once, it wasn’t angry that gripped him, but sadness.
He managed to slowly open the car door and looked at his wife and asked her, “Do you still love me?”
She made sure I was stable, walked over to him and told him goodbye. She kissed him, took my hand, and we walked away together into the evening.
As she was just twenty-three and I was nineteen, we made a happy couple. We found a good home in a good town, and ever since the first day I met her, milk has been my favourite drink.

The author's comments:
This one, as most of my writings, was a class project. Kinda just happened quickly. So i wrote it down, revised it and liked it a lot.
So it just describes how a relationship is strong and how much a man can love, on two angles.

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