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September 15, 2010
By Lindseylalala GOLD, Zephyrhills, Florida
Lindseylalala GOLD, Zephyrhills, Florida
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Along the Rocky Mountains and overflowing streams where families of fish jumped eagerly in the air and sandy tan deer roamed, lived the tribe of the Cherokee. This tribe was the meeting place for the human spirits of feelings. The most well known spirits were Embarrassment and Envy, two twin brothers who haven’t gotten along in years. Embarrassment’s skin flamed in a dark red pigment and Envy’s in green. One day while the brothers where away on a hunting trip, they received a message from the great chief of the Cherokee tribe in the southeast woodlands. He needed to hold a meeting with the spirits of the land and the Great Spirit gods.

“We will continue our hunting elsewhere, this journey to the village will take many moons and will be a great distance away.” Said Envy in a low tone.

“Let’s catch merely a bear! I haven’t eaten in days! But I understand the chief needs us soon… I will grab something to go.” Moaned Embarrassment. Envy and Embarrassment sped through the mountains, bare feet aching but they kept traveling. Through the winding turns and raging rivers, they finally reached the village.

“Young boys, I have missed you so much, but I am not gathering you for a family reunion, I am gathering you for something important.” Laughed the chief. He then became very serious quickly. “The gods have run out of feelings for the Cherokee people. You are the only feelings left. We need one of you to take on the duty. I will leave it to you brothers to decide. It will be hard to leave all of the wonders of the earth, but it is something you need to do.” And with that the chief went outside for us to discuss.

“I will take this on myself. Don’t worry. I got this.” Spoke Envy in a hard slash of words that seemed to smack Embarrassment in the face. A blank look covered his face.

“But what will become of me? Will you leave me alone it this village? Leave me to hunt alone?” Embarrassment acquiesced. “I think it would be more sensible if I took this challenge.”

“No! It is mine! I will win this!” Screamed Envy. His breath huffed and puff in the loud silence. The boys turned away and went outside.

The tribe had been snooping on their conversation and the harsh words spoke by the brothers made the entire village quiet. You could hear a buffalo bone drop. Eyes lingered among the boys and nearly silent snickers of children filled the silence. No one moved.

“What?!” Yelled Envy. Embarrassments’ red skin became even darker. Sensing the tension in the moment, the elders turned away, the children went back to playing, and even the wind went back to howling at the clouds. “Brother,” Envy stopped. “We shall fight for the position.” And Embarrassment nodded in agreement. The chief overheard and agreed. He granted the boys a health maid to help if any wounds occurred. She was a shy girl and very pale, with a long deerskin apron and moccasins. Her name was Myaweia. The three walked into the corn field, Myaweia taking a seat on the grass, getting out her supplies.

“I’m sorry I have to do this brother, but you know how much we fight. This will not be any different than the fight over the corn last week! I will be sure to watch for your scissor kick this time Envy.” He said with a smirk on his red face. They walk around and around in a large circle, watching for strikes and weaknesses. No one made a move. Just little baby steps. Round and round.

Envy then grew tired of Embarrassment’s games. He lunged forward, bearing his hands, ready to take him to the ground. He was air born and Embarrassment crouched, putting his hands in front of his face for somewhat of a guard. Envy pushed him back and landed on the ground with a loud thud that seemed to go miles down in the earth. The people in the village felt the quick shake and looked at each other clueless.

Embarrassment fell to the grass with his hands cupped around his face, screaming with pain. Envy winced, but didn’t stop. He wanted this too much. Envy readied himself for another hit, tightening his muscles, and getting it his war stance. Embarrassment sprang up wearily, and stumbling a bit.

“Sorry!” Said Envy in a teasing manner. Envy released a hard shove on his chest that sent him flying in the wind. Embarrassment braced himself to hit the ground. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth so hard you could hear them crack. Falling, falling, falling. Getting closer to the ground. But, to his own surprise, he didn’t hit the ground. The red from his skin disappeared and a dark tan color replaced it. The red fell on Myaweia. Her cheeks became rosy and she laughed weakly. The spirit of embarrassment had been chosen. His spirit awashed the village’s people and even the other spirits.

Envy fell to his knees. “I can’t believe this.” And the silence around him was deafening. His brother was gone and now an invisible spirit that travels with the wind.

“Better luck next time bro.” The wind howled.

The author's comments:
My Native American Myth from my History Class(:

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