The Snow Leopard

September 15, 2010
By platonic_italian SILVER, Loves Park, Illinois
platonic_italian SILVER, Loves Park, Illinois
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Emerald eyes, burning with the intensity of his concentration on the nearby town, are all that can be seen of him against the snow-covered landscape, which camouflages him from all but the sharpest of eyes. In one fluid movement, he sits up from where he was laying, his tail flicking slightly with the motion. Tense, defined muscles slide smoothly beneath the thick snowy-white fur for which he gets his name. Nearly seven feet in length, the only emotion on his face showing in his eyes, he truly looks like royalty, inferior to none and unafraid. Not seeing his quarry down among the townsfolk, he turns his gaze to the cloudy sky. At his will, the first few telltale flakes of a massive storm begin to fall. Rising to his feet and turning without a sound, he disappears back into anonymity, the snowfall soon erasing all evidence of his existence.

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