Truth about Crows

September 9, 2010
By SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
SharonC GOLD, Markham, Other
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Back when humans did not yet rule the world, the winged creatures ruled it. Crows ruled the day and bats ruled the night. Years flew by and both species kept there word. The crows went out during the day and stayed in their nests at night. The bats went out at night and stayed in their caves throughout the day. The two species were proud of their own times and neither tried to intrude. Until one night, a lively young crow began to question the rules.
“Why should we have to stay cooped in here at night?” the young crow demanded. “We have the most colourful feathers known to all animals. Our species are elegant and beautiful creatures. All the animals should have the right to know this, especially the animals at night.”
With that, the young crow preened his feathers and decided to venture out. The crow slipped out into the darkness and took flight. The crow swooped high and low. The crow was enjoying himself so much he did not notice the bats following closely behind. Suddenly he found himself surrounded by a family of bats.
“You do not belong here,” the bats growled, “you are trespassing into our times. You are breaking the rules that have been set before our time.”
The crow was brought before the bat leader and was beheaded. The bats hung the head of the young crow by the mouth of the cave, having the head overlook the world. The crows were shunned and the winged creatures no longer ruled the times. The animals roamed freely at any time they wished, but the crows were no longer trusted or respected. Their beauty faded away along with their pride. The first humans arrived, seeing the head of the crow, they began to think of the crows as bad omens. To this day, crows have no longer any respect. They are believed to bring bad luck, ill fortune, and death.

Moral: As you sow, so you shall reap.
(One must face the consequences of their actions.)

The author's comments:
This fable was inspired by the myth of the unlucky, black crow.

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on Sep. 15 2010 at 4:23 pm, Markham, Other
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This piece is truly one that shows that for everything that you do there is a price to pay. Great work!


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