The Beginning of Nothing

September 8, 2010
By Will McDonald BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Will McDonald BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Time seemed to crawl, yet the lights still flew past him at speeds he couldn’t comprehend in his stunned state of mind. As he stood in the middle of the intersection he saw the cars hurtling around him, he saw the pedestrians on the sidewalk, and he saw the enormous sky scrapers that poke the heavens. But he registered none of this, for his mind was still in a far away place. He thought about where he had been and what he had seen in those places.

He knew what would come.

He knew what had been.

He knew things of which people would believe. But he knew them to be true. Time would stop. Neither order nor anarchy would exist. All would be empty and barren. There would be nothing. The universe would stop in it’s eternal existence.

There would be no end of society, no, that would be too small.

There would be no apocalypse, no, that would be too small.

Stars will not implode, and the universe will not collapse. It will simply be the end of everything, and the beginning of nothing.

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