long time coming

September 8, 2010
By blades BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
blades BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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March 3 2005 I was walking in the door to Wal-Mart the door slides open and I feel the air from the fans hit my face. I walk over to get some popcorn chicken minding my own business at the food court. I get my chicken so I pull out the mile long list my wife has left for me. I turned into the bread isle the smell of freshly baked bread and old yeast filled the air. I look around and to my surprised eyes I see a young man that i used to go to high school with. Tall, gangly arms, dark hair, glasses you could see the moon with, and high waters that had his shirt tucked in up to his neck. I felt bad for him moping around like a beaten dog, but it was a wired feeling for me it seems like just weeks ago I was calling him names, giving him swirlies, slamming doors in his face and being a complete jock that I thought I was. I was the big star back in high school football basket ball u name it I was the guy who did it all like a pro if u messed with me u would be sorry. But ten years down the road I have changed a lot. I have waited for the day to just tell him that I was sorry and hopefully have a friendship with him. I walk over to him to apologize for all the harm I had done over the years. As I get closer to him I see that he looks over his shoulder every two or so seconds. He remembers me but not in a good way . Afraid and Leary like shrimp in mating season.
“Hello Fred how are u doing” I say
He kind of jumps like a frightened boy that had just seen a ghost
“Its alright I have changed” I explain to him
He looks back at me tiring to bring him self to trust me

I look away for a second and he takes the chance to flea like a dog with his tail tucked between his legs. I see him vanish behind a shelf of books. The rest of the afternoon I look for him to apologize but not even see a trace of him. So I finish my husbandly duties get my groceries check out and walk out the door. My mind is in a state of pity thinking I feel so bad for what I did to him, but I walk on people stopping in the road wile I slowly walk the crosswalk . people laying on there horns to get by. I get to my truck rummaging through my pockets trying to find my keys. I finely find them putting them into the key hole. I feel a sharp pain hit the back of my neck and fall back all I see is a hunched back man with high waters running away yelling. But I did not get up and try to be macho I laid there thinking maybe this was for the best I finely got what I deserved. but I was not mad I had a smile on my face for I know now that I was not the bully in that case I was the one getting picked on. I never thought that I the big football basket ball star would be beaten up by a nerd but if that was the only way to make him feel better I would take a betting any day to make up for what I did to him.

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