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Dream of Jesus

September 3, 2010
By TheNovaClytie PLATINUM, Woodhaven, Michigan
TheNovaClytie PLATINUM, Woodhaven, Michigan
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THE house was dark, but that was okay, it was Halloween night, we were at a Halloween party. Something hit me, though. I looked out the dark window. Where houses once were, rolling hills of dead grass took place. But there were more. Hundreds of thousands of crosses with skeletons hanging covered the hills, and above them, blue skies and soaring people. People! Flying to Heaven.

I shook my head. “Are you okay?” My mom asked me. “You were zoning out.” Looking out the window I saw the homes, safe and sound.

“I guess…” I replied. She just looked at me as if I were crazy.

“Mom, we need to leave,” my younger sister replied. Something was… wrong.

“Okay? We can leave.”

The doors were all locked, even after attempt after attempt of prying them open. Our mom began to realize something was up, we’d already known. But what? Eventually we ended up kicking a window out, and dropped down into a mall food court like place, only, there was no food, or shops. Just many tables, with people in black clothes sitting at, chattering away noisily. The three of us just looked around, feeling out of place. Something drew us to the middle of all of this strange place, everyone’s hateful eyes staring us down at the same time.

We finally got to the center, where a small bunch of people in white clothes stood, not sat. One of them rushed out to greet us, and took us straight into their circle. We got hugs all around, and were asked if we wanted anything. We all said no, still confused. Taking one more step, we entered almost another, door less, completely see-through room.

The first sensation was warmth and love. Like being wrapped in someone’s embrace from all sides. Then I noticed the noise from the other ‘room’ was stifled immediately. Now instead of our Halloween costumes we wore white as well. We had no time to think about what just happened when He spoke to us.

God himself, only not directly, through our hearts. He welcomed us, and explained: tonight was the night his son would return, and all of us were lucky. We would meet him and be saved of our sins, but those people on the ‘outside’, they could not be saved. They were not faithful, they did not believe. We had until Jesus came to change their minds, we had that small amount of time to change that huge group’s mind, to get them to feel God’s warmth and love, as we did today. It was a huge task, but he believed in us.

We all stood pondering. Nothing came to us. Our group was such a frustratingly small amount. These people only had hate in their hearts, and they would not believe. We could not fail God, though. I sat in silence, my sister and my mom talked a little ways away from me. Then, they took a step out of the ‘room’. “NO!” I yelled, but they did not change to black clothing, they stayed just the same. They beckoned me to follow. So I took one deep breath and stepped out. It was cold outside the circle, cold with hate. But I could still feel God’s love inside me, and that made me strong.

The people booed us, they threw stuff at us. We tried to talk to them, but they wouldn’t listen. Nothing worked, preaching, speaking, pleading. I took another step forward, and began to sing. I sang “Amazing Grace”, my mom’s favorite. Some of their eyes changed, they melted. They were not as hard as before, as if they were remembering. A few stood up. Our group began to sing. The few that stood up remembered. We could feel it, they remembered God’s love. They sang what they knew, and more and more remembered. Those small few brave enough walked to our group, which was now growing. Then they sang louder. We sang and sang and sang until only the people who would never be swayed stayed in their seats, and we left. We left to go find the other believers, and eventually meet up with Jesus, our savior.

The author's comments:
This is a dream i had one night, NOT MY VIEW OF HOW THIS MAY HAPPEN.

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