Prologue: The Three Forces

September 3, 2010
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The dictionary entry for Love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. If you ask random people on the street their answers will all be different.

And what about Time? We're all obsessed with it. We have clocks, watches, and cellphones all that tell Time. Our lives depend on it. Five minutes late and your whole life might be altered.

They go hand in hand you know. Love and Time, Time and Love. Both are crucial to the other. With out Love how will we spend our Time? Mothers devote their life
to their children out of Love. People work at wall street because they Love money.

If we waste Time our Love might be lost. A boy doesn't ask a girl to prom and she goes with a guy that stands her up. A woman is late to board the plane and doesn't meet her future husband.

But in our story there is another factor.

The cruelty of others.
How far someone would go to save face.
How much someone would do to survive.

Once started there's no going back.

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