Dark Beauties

September 2, 2010
By , Hamilton, FL 34562, FL
Chapter 1
Brooke Gerald stood in the dark forest and sniffed the air. She smelled the faint sent of a rabbit and got in her stance, ready to attack. When it came by she pounced and brought it to her lips, sucking every last drop of blood there was.
“Nice one Brookie, but I got a doe.” She heard one of her friends, Alisha Banks say in her head. Brooke smirked and stood up, whipping any trace of blood there might have been.
“Shut up Lish, I helped you smell that one.” Brooke heard another voice say. This time it was her other friend, Rose Michaels. Brooke chuckled and darted off to find where they were.
While she was running she spotted something standing in the shadows of a tree. It was the figure of a man. Brooke halted in mid stride and starred at him. She could see his red eyes and dark, evil smile. He had beady blue eyes that are like two windows of an afternoon sky, his fine, curly red hair was worn in a style like a cobra’s hood. He had a short slender build and his skin was a light, creamy color.
Brooke immediately noticed that he was a Morakai. These were the evil ones, the ones that killed people and animals both. Their skin was always a light or pale color, unlike Brooke’s that was dark, and tan.
Brooke and her friends were of the Noremac. These were the vampires that fit into society as normal people. They only hunted animals and used their powers for good.
All vampires have some kind of power. The Morakai used theirs for evil, destroying things like the Twin Towers in New York for the fun of it, the Noremac used theirs for good.
Brooke stood their staring at the Morakai man, assessing what he might be up to in these parts of the woods.
“Brookie, what is it? I can sense fear. We are on our way, stay there.” Hannah Timberland’s voice filled her head.
Brooke, Alisha, Rose, and Hannah were in a coven called the Dark Beauties. They had met when they were all changed at a festival in Europe.
Brooke felt a faint breeze and the next thing she noticed, her friends were all standing behind her. The Morakai chuckled and came closer.
“Ah the Dark Beauties, I’ve heard a lot about you. I just wanted to come and welcome you to our land. You see, me and my clan, the Red Ones, have been here for nearly ten years now. So I would watch where you hunt. We will be watching.” He said darkly before giving them his evil smile and disappearing.
“Whoa, guy has problems.” Hannah snickered. The girls giggled and relaxed.
“Well I guess we better get back. We do have school tomorrow ladies.” Brooke said. The girls groaned.
“Brookie, why do we have to go to school? I mean we are freakin’ vampires for crying out loud!” Alisha said.
Brooke rolled her eyes and started off towards their small hidden cottage. The girls followed.
All the way home Brooke kept an eye out for any more of the Red Ones, what she had seen back there worried her.
The next day the girls got dressed and started off to school. When they got there every last person stared at them. Brooke knew what they saw.
Alisha with her narrow blue eyes and long, shiny black hair, that was pin straight today. She has a graceful build and a crooked nose with prominent cheekbones. She was the envious and sociable one. Alisha’s power was the power of compulsion. She could get anyone, anywhere to do whatever she wanted them to do.
Hannah had wide, indigo eyes. Her fine, straight, golden hair was worn in shiny curls today. She was tall with and hour glass figure and her skin was very tan. She was the fun one of the bunch, always making them laugh. She had the power to enter people dreams, she can also control their feelings.
Rose has almond-shaped, turquoise eyes. Her hair is straight and scarlet worn in an up-due today. She had a short, muscular build, and she had a strong chin with wide feet. She is impulsive one. She is very laid back and tries to keep the peace. Rose’s power is to create illusions for people, like the illusion of pain.
Brooke has slanted violet eyes with luxurious, straight, coffee-colored hair. She has a feminine build with a light tan skin color. Her full lips are a good match to her perfect, white teeth. Brooke has the power to change into any animal she wants to.
All together these girls make a pretty good sight to look at. As they walked to the office they could hear and see people talking to them. When they passed a group of girls that looked like they were trying too hard to be popular Brooke heard them talking about them.
“Who do they think they are? Walking in here and just acting like they own the school? Well, I have new for them, this is my school and no one is changing that!” a tall blonde said.
“Wow, crazy much?” Alisha thought. All of the girls giggled and went into the office. As they walked in Brooke’s should hit someone.
Like a freight train the scent hit her. It smelled like men’s cologne and cherries.
“Hey watch where your…” the person started but stopped when they saw who it was. Brooke stared up into the chocolate brown eyes and inhaled, drinking in his scent. Unlike the Morakai, she wasn’t affected by his scent. She didn’t get some crazy feeling to drink his blood and kill him.
“It’s fine, my bad.” Brooke said. She gave him her best smile before walking back to her friends. She could feel his gaze on her as she got her schedule and locker number.
They only had one class all together and that was P.E.
“Yes, I have Advanced English first period.” Rose said. Alisha rolled her eyes.
“Nerd.” She thought. Rose shot her a glare and Hannah and Brooke giggled.
“Well ladies, have fun in your classes. We’ll meet at lunch, far table.” Brooke said. They all agreed and went their separate ways.
When Brooke walked into her first class, History, she saw that no one was in there. I must be early she thought. She took a seat in the back of the class and sat, waiting for the rest of the class.
About five minutes later she heard someone walk in. She was immediately hit with the same scent as last time.
“Hey, you’re one of the new girls. My name is Austin Jamison.” He said with a smile, holding out his hand.
Brooke returned the smile and shook. “I’m Brooke Gerald, nice to meet you.” She said sweetly. She
held on his hand for a while. This is going to be fun…Brooke thought with a sigh.

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