August 7, 2010
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In a garden of vivid lilacs and golden roses there lay a beautiful angel child. With eyes of crystal blue and lips of wine red, he sang a song of the lord. In the bed of the lush emerald grass, his voice rose high into the pink sky. Throughout the orchard ground, you could hear the sweet echo, the ringing, ringing, ringing. Oh, the singing of the beautiful angel boy.

By his bedside standeth a raven, with feathers of the softest black. The raven he watched and stood, wondering what the singer could be. With words so pure, a tone so sweet, one must agree it was but an otherworldly being.

Gold dust fluttered in purple darkness while the fairies danced in their crimson circles. Round and round they go, to the angel’s honey tune. Little feet pattering, little feet scattering, little feet clattering- to the music of the ribbon night.

In the strawberry morning, you could see the sunrise. Clementine moonbeams, spreading through the sky. Soft little dewdrops grace the leaves of the weeping willows, spreading prisms of daybreak throughout the land. In the distance you could hear the tender echo of his voice, singing his song of the lord.

Eyes of crystal, lips of wine, skin of velvet, a heart divine.

A beautiful angel boy, singing away his life.

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