Lizard Boy

September 1, 2010
"Crazy!" someone coughed as they walked by me. I hissed through my pointed teeth. I tell myself I'm totally normal, but we all know the truth. My tongue is split and my teeth are filed to points and sharp like razors, and two years in a psych ward made me worse. The day I got out I got scales tattooed down my arms and legs. I hate going to school all schools are the same and full of b***s***, but the state is forcing me to go. I don't really know how everybody found out that I really am crazy. Maybe I was on the news that would be awesome. When the second bell rang I realized I was alone, so I walked down to my councilors office. After she called me in I sprawled out on the couch and sighed. As she reminded me that because of the government involved if she felt it was necessary she would tell the hospital I drifted into my mind. It was the night they locked me up, and I was declared a "schitzo". I knew I was always different, but I wasn't crazy until they found me. I was covered in blood, some was my own, and my parents laid still on the floor in puddles of blood. The cop read the message I wrote across the wall in their blood out loud. When he finished I looked at him with a smile and hissed with my tongue sticking through my pointed teeth. I came back to the real world hearing "Robby, Robby...please pay attention to math instead of writing that silly story of yours."

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