August 29, 2010
During the darkest times of the night, I found that I need you the most. Through all these troubled times, you were never around. You left me here, I had to fend for myself. I called out so you would hear, but i could not be helped. The once so strong love has grown dim. The thoughts of us still remain. Even though it causes me so much pain. I never want to let you go. I have these constant dreams. We are so alike and so good for each other. But you don't want this. You never did. The only thing that kept you with me was the thought of power. You wanted and needed to control someone. You always need that power you feed off of that power. I finally stood up to you and you can't take it. I took that power away from you and you felt weak. So you scream and cry out hoping for someone to feel pity someone that you can manipulate under all you power the one person you can control. She falls for the way you are able to compliment her. All you do is twist your words to make her fall for your charm but I'm not falling for it. I will never fall for it again and I'll save her from you. The sly skill of one so talented of one who knows how to make the right person fall at your will. Even if it means you hurt others in the process. You may even lay a hand on her once or twice. Let her know the truest side to you. The fear is struck. It hits a cord. Shell stay with you terrified of feeling that pain once again. Understand the fears. The whispers of untold horrors, for fear if she speaks aloud you lay a hand on her once more. To stop this beast that you have with in is a struggle to great fir just one girl to bear. The weight is too much so take this upon I must. I can gather the strength. I can stand against you. She will never feel that cold fear you instilled inside her. She's free to be who she really is and free to speak her mind. Learning from mistakes of the past, you gather up a new scheme. This time I won't be able to catch on as quickly. This time you'll make me suffer for the loss of that one, because you were the one that meant the most. You were the one who left me all alone. The suffering extended even greater still. Why for must I return? Because you were the one that meant the most. You were the one who hurt the most. You were always the one who buried the dagger deeper and deeper inside my back, twisting and pushing it so deep I felt like my rib cage was collapsing on me. In all truth, I wanted to help you. I wanted to change you. Now I understand that will never happen. The memories from your past always haunting your dreams. You want someone else to feel that pain. Only you don't see that sometimes people have been through the very same thing. They can understand and catch on to your plots quicker than most even quicker than I. The love I showed you was all in a false hope that maybe you could feel the love I felt for you, that maybe you could show the live I tried to show you, that maybe even you could learn to be kind a gentle but instead you take my heart and stomp it into the ground. Only feeling slight guilt that you had to hurt a girl so sweet in your attempt to show your power.

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