Plastic Tears

August 29, 2010
By PageMaster55 SILVER, Columbia, Missouri
PageMaster55 SILVER, Columbia, Missouri
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The night was cold, still. Not a tree or animal moved. A man in a white coat sat at a desk big enough for two. He was working harder than ever to get his job done.
"Just a bit more, just a bit more." He whispered to himself. But he knew it would take longer than he would let on.
All around the room were a bunch of life size dolls. He called them "drops". No one knew why he called them this because he would always change the subject.
His favorite "drop" had red-orange curly hair. She was damaged though. He called her Natalie.
One day he got a phone call from a woman and after he hung up he packed a bag and drove of into the night.
Natalie got off the shelf and walked over to the window. She glared at the driveway. That was a day she would never forget.
"He's not coming back." Said the other drops.
"Yes he is, he's just gone out to see his human friends." She watched in every direction, looking for her doctor. She ran outside and up to the gate. She saw no doctor nor human anywhere. She walked back up to the house. As she got to the steps she sat down by a "For Sale" sign.
In the not so distant distance she could see smoke and fire eating everything it passed. Screams were coming from every direction. It was painful to hear the humans die but she just sat there.
"I thought he loved me." She uttered as the flames took her up.
And before she died she managed to cry a single tear, the only tear she ever cried.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story about a photo in a book my mother had and I liked the story so I want to share it with the world.

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