Records of a Divine Trial

August 28, 2010
By , tenafly, NJ
March Third, 1501
The divine order of things had never been challenged before. I took the liberty of recording all that occurred on this day. The Holy World was astounded when a murderer called a trial and stood before millions of angels to make a speech.
“My dear members of the jury lend me your attention now just as you have watched over me throughout the duration of my years on earth. My dear lord, lend me your divine ears which must always devote themselves to the prayers of us humans. I do not intend for this trial to be an offense to your holy name; I simply mean to bring to attention a matter that you all may not have considered. I speak today not to accuse, but simply to remark on that which I have noticed.
Immediately following my death, which I must thank you for as it was not an awful way to go, I found myself surrounded by flames in a place one never believes one will reach. All around me there were cries of suffering, and though I never met my host I have heard his company was a dreaded one. Of course my initial reaction was to give myself into the suffering that was all around me, not understanding why I was being subject to all of it. After some time, similar to all of the others who had arrived before me, I passed into a phase of guilt. I would sit and simply reflect on all of my wrongdoings, wondering why I ever did them, wondering why I was put in such a horrible place. Then, again like the others, I punished myself. I forced myself to see everything around me, to see and feel all of the horrible things. However, unlike the others, I did not move into a phase where I attempted to rid myself of my sins. I did not fill my head with the idea that, if I behaved, I could possibly be promoted to a more comfortable resting place. Instead, I began to ponder why exactly my actions were considered wrong.
You see, my angels, throughout my whole life you have kept me company. You have guided me, and attempted to reveal to me the right paths. Now, if I may, I ask you, my angels, is it true that we humans are being influenced? Your nods inform me that you are of agreement. Well then, if this is true, I may be so bold as to assume that fate really does exist. You are perplexed but you do not stop me. Is it not fair to assume that we are all on a path laid out for us by those in a higher place? You are silent. If our actions are being influenced, I must go on to point out that in essence we humans are not living our lives. I know…I have jumped too far ahead. Allow me to explain further. If our actions are being influenced, then in reality we humans are not really deciding to do what we do. We are simply doing what has already been decided we shall do. When that is taken into mind, one must consider what good and evil really are. For if someone is not choosing to do what they do, how can they be judged as good or evil?
Let us take a more specific look…perhaps someone like me. A murder or five. The numbers are not of significance. The significance lays in the reasoning, the motive. I cannot lie, I am guilty of the actions of which I have been accused and because of this I understand my original placement in that dark world. However, I would like to point out that if you all take into consideration what I have just discussed, your view of my actions may be altered.
Consider that you have all guided me my entire life. Consider that my actions have been influenced. Consider that because of that we may induce that I had a fate. Consider that my fate was to commit these murders. Now you are all in shock. Yes, it is hard to believe. Consider that really, I cannot be judged as good or evil.
Ponder…my dear angels. Reflect on the fact that if good and evil cannot be characteristics then the burning depths to which I was originally sent and the beautiful serenity that awaits others may contradict many of your beliefs.”
Murmuring was heard throughout the crowd of angels. His words had trapped them all. The Angel Gabriel stepped forward and all became silent.
“You speak well and surely you have brought doubt into this room. However, it is of my belief that you are quite mistaken. My fellow angels, I understand that his speech may have caused much confusion. Now, listen to one of your own present an argument that may expel this confusion. Angels, yes it is true that we were designated by Him to watch over humans on Earth. Of this, accused one, you are correct. And, yes, as you said, we do “attempt to reveal to you the right paths”. Angels, in that last statement, did any of you notice something? Perhaps there is one word that stands out? No? Well, let me tell you. Reveal. We attempt to ‘reveal’ the right paths. A simple word, yes. You may not have thought of it but this word carries with it an important meaning. Now, according to you, the accused, the fact that we “reveal” to you humans the right paths led you to believe that we are constantly influencing you. It is quite the contrary, my friend. Yes, this is our goal for we were sent to aid you humans in making the correct decisions. However, in the end, we cannot choose the path for you. It is all up to you. Yes, we ‘reveal’ the right paths by clearly defining for you what is right and what is wrong. In the end, however, you choose the path. You live your life, my friend, not us. We do all that we can to show you that you can always do the right thing but in the end, my friend, you choose.
Personally, I am very attached to your case. You do not know it but I have “revealed” right paths to you throughout your whole life. Let us briefly discuss the first murder you committed. I remember your face as you drove past her. I remember the thoughts that went through your head. I also remember that your mother called you at that exact moment. You had not spoken to her in four years. She cared so much for you and she wanted to see how her son was doing. I remember she began to cry and apologized for not calling sooner. I remember she told you that she had made many mistakes. I remember she said that she knew how strong you were and that you must have grown up to be such a good man. I remember those thoughts about the girl left you for a brief second. I also remember you hung up the phone without saying a word. You stopped the car by the girl and offered her a ride home. Must I continue?
My friend, I cannot say you are not extremely intelligent. Your argument has shaken the order of our holy world. I applaud you. However, my angels, after hearing my words you cannot let this man affect you. Just as your Almighty Lord watches the Earth, he watches you as well. You must not let this slip your mind.”
The accused requested a few more words. The Angel Gabriel nodded and stepped down.
“I will make this brief. Your fellow angel has noted a flaw in my argument. I must say I did not expect to be challenged like this. Now, my angels, consider this. If you are correct in your argument, Dear Gabriel, then I must bring up a new challenge. Power! Did the Lord not invest you with a holy power? Your friend has told me you were all designated to guide us humans. This must involve some great power. My Gabriel, you purse your lips but you do not object. If you all carry a great power, you must also carry the ability to influence us. If you can influence us then I must be rude and ask: why do you allow us humans to stray away from the right paths? Why do you allow us to ignore your signs? Why do you allow us to sin! If, as you said, dear Gabriel, it is your goal to influence us to make the right decisions then why do you not influence us? Remember that this trial is not only about me. Remember all of the people that been sent to the place to which I was sent.
Consider this, my angels and then make your decision. Consider that if you decide to send me back to that horrid place, you have decided that I am a sinner. Consider that, in a way, if this is your decision, you are influencing me my angels.”
The angels congregated and the Angel Gabriel stepped forward once again to reveal their verdict.
“We have discussed both arguments and we have decided that the accused must be sent back down to the depths of this universe. My fellow angels agree that this man’s gift of speech must not cause us to forget our principles. We believe that we have done all that we can to guide the accused down the right paths. He, and only he, has chosen to disregard us. My friend, we cannot apologize for your choices and your actions. We regret that we were not able to save your soul.
The accused jumped and screamed, “Remember me in the future when you send others to this place! I can see you understand! Only fear holds you back from making the right choice!”
The angels watched silently as he sunk down into the ground and slowly disappeared from their holy world. Soon after another angel entered the room and interrupted their thoughts.
“Fellow angels, our Lord has informed me that a woman has just passed. She murdered her sister five years ago and therefore will not be joining our world. Before she is sent off, are there any objections?
None of my fellow angels responded.

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