Bob the Demon

August 27, 2010
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Once, in the pit of Hell, there lived a demon named Bob. Bob lived only to eat humans, but he could only catch the elderly. Therefore, one day, on his way the Earth, he decided to catch a teenager. He would later choose a geek named Matthias. Matthias was only 16, and he was an avid World of Warcraft player. So while he was playing the game, Bob choose to strike.
“Mom, can I get some cheesy puffs?” asked Matthias, while doing a raid in Icecrown Citadel, a place in the game.
“Coming,” replied his mother.
Bob then flew into his closet. You see, demons can go through walls and solid objects at will. Bob is also one of those demons that have x-ray vision. Thus, after Matthias’ mother gave him his cheesy puffs and left, Bob Struck.
“You are MINE!!!” yelled Bob, who leaped out of the closet.
“Mom, help, demon!!!” cried out Matthias.

Then Bob became invisible.

“Matthias, you need to stop playing that game!!” Scolded his mother, who saw no demon.

“Puny mortal, your mother won’t help you?” asked Bob mockingly.

Matthias afterward grabbed a baseball bat from his basket and swung at the demon. “Ouch, ouch, stop!” yelled Bob angrily.

“If I do, you’ll eat me!” screamed Matthias.

“Matthias stop this instant!!” yelled his mother from downstairs.
Bob then grabbed the bat and smashed it with his bare hands!!
“Now, you really are mine!!” mocked Bob.

“Stop, why can’t we be friends?” asked Matthias sheepishly.

Bob never heard anyone say that to him before. He subsequently dropped Matthias onto his bed.
After that, he said, “I won’t eat you, I’m not hungry anymore.”
“Really?” asked Matthias doubtingly.
“Really,” replied Bob warmly.

They then became the best of friends, a spawn of Satan and a geek.

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TaliaWolf said...
Sept. 1, 2010 at 5:41 pm
I like it. It made me laugh and the abruptness of the solution and ending was refreshing.
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