Dancing Stars

August 19, 2010
By Goldleaf SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
Goldleaf SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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The tall pines stood strong and calming with their deep musky bark and the tang of the sharp needles soft and spicy scent. A gray shadow nibbled at the gleam of the sun on the grass as the sun shifted to rest on top of the looming black mountains before it fell down the other side and the mountain’s dark shadow ate the light out of the day. A silver moon poked its way across the sky, tugging the winking stars out to play as it went. A cricket strummed a note and the stars danced to the earth’s nightly music; trotting with the river reeds rattle, swaying to the gentle twinkling of the bubbling streams, scattering with fright at the scratch of the trees greedy branches, pausing to listen to the soft sigh of the gently waving grasses. All stopped as a wolf’s soft soprano howl weaved through the night’s balmy air.
The soft caress of a gentle summer night’s breeze played tentatively with my burnt honey gold hair, swaying it this way and then twirling so the moon’s silver light caught it just right. I stopped and closed my emerald eyes, breathing in the symphony of smells and smiling softly at how it all mixed together perfectly.

The author's comments:
This is originally a clip from one of the chapters from a story im writing, but i changed it a little

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