August 19, 2010
Tick, tock. Tick, tock; the sound of time moving forward.

Time itself is irrevelant, as it seems, for the majority of Earth's
population. But why, you may ask, for everyone seems to be aware of
it? Bus drivers, parents, even children, use time as a way to keep
track of daily life. But do any of them truely notice it? How many
actually stop and realise how precious time is: why not even one
moment of yours should be wasted.

Time is irrelevant. For some. Others seem not to think so, but still
manage to wander aimlessly for the majority of it.

Without Time, there'd be no is, was, or never could be. There'd be no
life, no passing of seconds, minutes, or hours for there'd be no need
to track it, nor possibly being -- thing -- to do so.

Time is nothingness, yet binds everything together -- like gravity
keeps us from floating away. Without it, everything would ceas to
exist: there'd be future, past, or present. Nothingness for eternity.

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