Impeccable Tears

August 24, 2010
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When I was a little kid I used to daydream about sprouting wings and then flying, heck I still do that today at fifteen years of age. I could never get over the sensation of flying itself and the melodious swishing, beating noise my pale-feathered wings made as I soared through the air. As a matter of fact last night I dreamt of flying all the way up to Mars with my glorious wings. So you can imagine how I felt when I woke up from my dreams feeling an extra five pounds on my back. I yawned groggily and stretched my arms. As I stretched I felt something tickle me. Curiously I looked back to see the culprit (maybe my little brother), when I saw a set of beautiful white wings. Now being the wing obsessed girl I was, I started acting like a giddy school girl, which I was but more so than usual. I was so ecstatic about finally having my own wings that I didn't hear my bedroom door open or the sound of my breakfast dropping to the floor. The only thing I did hear was my Mother's question
"Wh-what happened t-to you?" She spoke barely above a whisper.

And that's when it hit me, for a whole minute I had reached nirvana, a whole minute ago I actually wanted wings but my head was out of the clouds now. If my own Mom reacted like that I could only imagine how the whole world would react, I’d be branded a... freak. I was so torn up about the glory of finally being able to fly, and the fear that I would be seen as a freak, complete ambivalence and my mother's hushed sobs weren't helping either. I stepped forward with my hand extended in an effort to comfort her but she just stepped back with every step I took forward.

"Don't touch me, you... you freak" She spat at me with suck venom that it actually felt like a snake bit me.

“Freak, freak!” I yelled as I opened my wings with such force that the wind I had caused knocked her down.

I was gonna help her up but then I remembered her harsh words, yeah turns out disowning your daughter is a big turn off.

"Mother" I said in a voice that wasn't my own "Why have you forsaken me?" I asked but I didn't wait for an answer instead I flew out my open bay windows.

As I was flying, the melodious swishing nor beating noise my wings made mattered to me the only thing going through my mind was the story I heard when I was younger. It was about a boy who got these wings that were held together wax but there was a catch, if he flew to high the sun would melt his wings but if he flew too close to the sea it would dampen them and make it too hard to fly. The boy being so giddy about flying kept soaring higher and higher into the sky until he realized that the wax had melted and he was flapping his arms instead of wings. Unfortunately the boy fell into the sea and drowned (he couldn't swim). Moral of the story don’t go for something that you can’t reach or in Laymen’s terms, if your wings are held together by wax don't fly too close to the sun. I was never a girl that believed in myths, fairy tale wings yes myths no so maybe that's why I flew close to the sun and got my wings melted off. Ironically I was over the Atlantic Ocean but there was a difference I could swim I just choose not to...

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