How God Sees

August 6, 2010
I stand in the subway and lift up my pocket mirror then smear some more lip gloss on. In the background are the many crammed into the small space, backs against cold metal, grasping onto the metal bars with tearing paint. Gasping for air, I think, is this how God sees us? Maybe he sees us through mirrors. He sees all the things we do, he feels all the things we do.
The subway stops and a bunch of people get off. Now, the only people that are left are the old, homeless man, a normal couple, a Goth, and a mother with an infant in her arms.
The sad homeless looks down at his lap then rubs his scruffy beard. Maybe that's what God looks like. He smokes a cigarette on the subway not having that much faith in the human race and how we take care of the things he has given us.
God has given us the power to control our emotions, hope, and love. All these things are fragile like glass and we usually aren't very responsible for it and end up just shattering the glass into little pieces, but humans aren't perfect. And after we shatter the glass, we can't put it back together, but what we can do is learn from our mistakes.
These things are easy to put into words but hard to do, but if we try and fail, I know, I really do know that He will be proud. Proud as ever if every one of his creations try.
You forgive, You love, but you never get impatient with us, you accept us as we are and love us, don't you ever get tired? You see us damage your and our home. It's time. Time for us to do something to pay our respects and show Him that we have the ability to be good children to Him.

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