I ramble, I make no sense

August 5, 2010
I am bursting at the seams. My stuffing falls to the ground disregarding my glued on smile. Why? What would make me burst? Really burst into a million tiny pieces? IT. It takes over my brain, and starts a civil war with my head. I can no longer breath. My visage turns to black. I think nothing, I am nothing. But what am I talking about, I have no problems. Nothing should bother me, for I am wonder woman. I AM STRONG. My soul will be clean and neat, apart from my brain that is scattered with thoughts. I will be beautiful. Clean and neat clean and neat, that’s what I am- I will be.
I sewed myself back up, my clean and neat smile is back in its place and I will continue to breathe. I am awesome, I am life. I am pure and clean and nice. Tidy little me wrapped up in a layer of skin.
I once knew this girl, she ran across the earth twice. She sang as she did it. She didn’t care. She didn’t give a f***. She was as free as a bird. Her soul was clean.
I am a different girl. I lay in bed all day and sleep. I cry in my sleep. I give a f***. Too much of a f***. I am trapped in an endless circle. My soul is a heaping pile of s**t.
You know those girls. The girls who always get a second glance. The girls who don’t try for anything but achieve everything. They walk around and talk about there new boyfriends and there new cars and there new clothes. Yeah them, I wish I was one of those girls.

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