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August 3, 2010
By thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
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I couldn't believe i was lost. The town was the same I remembered it as from five years ago. But somehow walking from my house I got lost on the way to my friend Jarons. Jaron, my friend Blake, and me (Allison) were all going to hang out for the day. I hadn't seen the boys snce I left but we used to be unseperable. Graning, I glanced around just to find myself even more embarrassed than I was. For I was standing at least ten feet from Jarons driveway and Blake and him were sitting on a log bench staring at me silently laughing.

"All these years and she hasn't changed one bit," Jaron whispered to Blake as they laughed when she recognized what she had done. To himself Jaron thought of all the times they had spent together before she left, he observed every detail of his long lost friend and former girlfriend. Then also came the bad memories when he looked at her straight blonde hair her bright green eyes her soft lips and her slightly curvy waist. He shuddered at the memorie of when these wonderful looks turned bad when she found him cheating on her, those lips turned hard her eyes accusing. He was sorry but she didn't care and then she left. Oh boy how he was sorry...

"Yeah she most definetly hasn't changed," Blake whispered breaking Jarons train of thought. But just then Blake realized she had changed, she looked more mature and beautiful. He automatically shook that thought from his head he had to remember that Allison was his best friends ex girlfriend and he could tell that Jaron was still crazy over her. Sighing he stood up to greet Allison with a hug and so did Jaron.
"Wow you two haven't changed a bit!" I exclaimed as i embraced Blake sith a bear hug. Then turning to Jaron my heart filled with grief and sorrow almost bringing tears to my eyes but i blinked them back and gave him a hug. Jaron looked slightly dissapointed at the fact that Blake got a bigger hug than him but what did he expect after what had happened. Blake had been there for her afterwards anyways. He sighed and forced a grin.
"Well where off to now?" He asked pushing back his feelings.....


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