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July 29, 2010
By Kait_Marie BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
Kait_Marie BRONZE, Springfield, Missouri
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"Life is 10% what you make it,and 90% how you take it."


Fate is something that pops into everyone's mind at piont or another, but I must say fate or destiny is a lame excuse for why things happen in your life. That's why I don't believe I have one.
Chapter 1

Cleaning, I am always cleaning up something, whether it be the house or my reputation I'm always cleaning. I don't know why I do it, maybe it's out of nervous habbit but I can't help it. My reputation on the other hand I could help, but I don't really want to. Their is nothing wrong with me, I mean so what I can't fit into a dress size 3 and I wasn't exactly gifted with natural beauty. But, it isn't like I was brutally beaten with the ugly stick. Should any of that make me any less of a person? Wait, I know the answer to that, No, but in this town keeps screaming Yes.

This is the sixth day this week I have had to close the shop this week, they think I don't notice these types of things but I most definately do. Sixth day for Haven, but it's funny how the very capable Stephanie was let off early for good behavior. This has been my life since about eighth grade when everyone realized putberty was over for me and my "condition" hadn't gotten any better. Ugh, stupid superficial people with obvious stares and rude glares. I stand at the counter counting the seconds until my shift is over. The monsterous minutes pass by slow enough feel myself aging. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Then at exactly eight I'm out of there, gone like the wind.

You may think I could find my sanctary at home ,but that never really seems to be the case. Mom tries to keep everything together, but without dad things seem more hopeless than ever. My dad left my family 16 months ago, reasons unknown, but I doubt it would have been a good excuse anyways. I run straight to my room and log into my computer. This is my sanctuary, the internet. The internet is a place you can go to be excepted for who you are, rather than your appearence. Because you can be whoever you want. Yes, I understand that most people lie about age, gender,and motives but that doesn't seem so bad when your just like them.

I log into my Facespace account and am instantly fifty pounds lighter, my brunette hair is longer than ever before and I have brown eyes, as opposed to my pale blue eyes. I'm what everyone has wanted me to be, everything I've ever aspired to be. I am Haven Brookes, well the better Haven Brookes. I read through my friends posts and reply back with the snarky remarks I keep in my head in real life. These people wouldn't mind hearing things like this from me, they've never met me face to face. After checking through, all the messages and adding my personal touches to some of them I'm about to log off when I notice that I have a new friend request. As I go to open it, I can't help but think of how uninterested they would be if knew who they were really requesting. It's a guy, I check out his profile, his name was Mason Locke and boy was he cute. Wow, if only he really did know who he was dealing with, I bet he would kick himself. I accept his request and log off the computer. It's pretty late by now, and I need go to bed. Another long day tomorrow, juggling school, work, and my double idenity can keep a girl pretty busy.


School was uneventful as always, I did what I usually do. I paid deep attention in class and attempted my daily challenge of avoiding everyone as much as they try to avoid me. In the end work went how it's been going for the last few weeks, " Don't worry Steph, I don't think Haven will mind closing for you, I bet you have lots of homework you need to get done. You don't mind do you Haven?" Hmmm... Let me think, Of Course I mind. I've always minded ,but that hasn't stoped you before now has it Mr. Greenway. " Yeah, I have something I need to do tonight. I need to get off asap." I say, surprised that I can even get it out. I could see the thoughts running through his head, What in the world would she have to do on a tuesday night ? Does she even have any friends? Maybe she is going home to do homework, I guess she even has to find time to do that. He just replys with a simple "okay" , yep because everything seems to always be okay.

It's 6:45 and I start walking home, I still can't believe he let me off early like I asked. I have a new found hope that the world hold's some decent people. Crazy right? I am halfway home when I start to have the strange feeling that someone is watching me. Haha, who am I kidding, who would follow me, this is just paranoia kicking in. Once I get to my door, I turn around to see if anyone was actually following me. Nope, no one was there. I try to laugh it off as I'm unlocking the door and heading up to my room. What was I thinking? I have nothing to do tonight, why did I ask off? All I do is have extra time to troll on the internet and lurk around my room. At least if I was working I would be making some extra cash. D***, I should have thought about what I was saying before I said it.

The author's comments:
I once had a dream about dying and coming back to reap other souls as payment for doing something terrible in my life. And I worked with a mentor who helped me get through it all. This is the first chapter, I hope that I can continue to write more chapters to help the story unravel. Please have patience with it, every book starts a little boring.

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