The Young Bloods of the World (Part 2)

July 29, 2010
By Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Lost.Girl.14 GOLD, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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All was silent as Noah slowly made his way back down to the basement were the others were surprise by the eldest story about how they met. He stood with his white shirt covered by his black jacket with a hood to hide his face. He made his way back behind the eldest and quietly apologizes for his action to them all. He sat back behind the eldest once more and stayed in complete silence while the others stare at him still wanting more questions about him.
The eldest leaned back on her chair and softly said “That’s how it happen… let’s change the subject shall we?” She stared at the others still with her hood covering her face. “I called you all here for one reason only….this war is pointless and many young and old are dying for the most pointless reasons you can imagine. Hitler killed people who have black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, tan skin, to make it short….he will kill anyone who isn’t German and who are willing to help those who are not German. He has gone mad and should be stop before hundreds or even thousands would die by his selfish reasons. I have a plan but, it will take some help from the Americans, Chinese and even Korean or Taiwan and others alike.” She stared at Tiphanny then, slowly the others as she talked about the countries.
She continued on “He has built ‘camps’ all over where hundreds of people suffer by hunger or by the harsh works or even diseases. Children are separated from their parents and hear them screaming to the heavens themselves to make the pain go away. Can you hear them now? All of you open your ears so you made hear their cries!” She hit the table with her fist almost breaking it if she haven’t control her temper. She sighed and relaxed a little before continuing her point “Every second they are being torment by the Nazis….starving to the point where you can see their bones, they look like skeletons who have a thin layer of skin left…..such madness can’t go on like this…..Hitler must be stop before anymore suffer in his hands….” her voice faded away finally.
All of them including Noah had nodded in agreement as rage and sadness filled their eyes. Noah slowly broke into tears as Tiphanny and Jarrisa have done during the eldest talk. Keanah and Aneeka were baring their fangs in such anger that they could have torn the basement apart within seconds. The eldest remained silent while trying to gather her thoughts before doing anything reckless.
Each of the girls had seen what Hitler had done as they each saw the ‘camps’ and seen the victims with their own eyes. Noah had only seen them twice or three times but, he knew exactly the horror of it all, the starved dying ones crying out for help as they waited for death. Each saw cities fall down to the army of cold-hearted soldiers who would stop at nothing to obey Hitler’s command. But, one thing remained a mystery to the younger vampires who could read others’ minds but not as deep as the eldest. Why was Hitler doing this? What made him become a cold-blooded killer who slay hundreds upon hundreds even thousands of lives? The eldest surely knew the answer but, for some reason wouldn’t share it, not even Noah could find the answer in her mind or heart as far as he knows.
Suddenly, Tiphanny heard German Shepherds barking outside and some German languages. The Nazis had found the house deep within the forest! The others heard it to and Noah silent got up by was ordered to back down and let the others have their fun. Jarrisa, Keanah, Aneeka and Tiphanny exchanged glares and smiles of evil as they rushed out the basement with the carving for a kill.
Aneeka silently allowed the Nazis in by opening the door, making it look like it opened by itself. The dogs rushed into the darkness leaving the soldiers to wait. Suddenly, a dog was thrown at a soldier with its stomach ripped out, gushing blood all over the soldier. Soon more and more dogs were flying out with their heads, hearts, stomachs, and legs torn apart from each other. The first to walk out was Tiphanny covered in blood as she walks towards them licking the blood off her fingers showing her fangs. After her was Aneeka who quickly torn apart a soldier into pieces. Behind her was Keanah who send the soldiers into the air bursting into white flames burning their flesh and bones. Finally, Jarrisa smashed the weapons and stared at the remaining soldiers who instantly drop dead with blood coming out of their ears and eyes along with their mouths.
All happen so quickly that none of the soldiers could call for back-up from near by headquarters. The front lawn was filled with body parts and dead bodies of dogs and their masters. Blood covered the inside as well as the outside of the house. The house now stink with death of the Nazis was over-whelming especial for Noah who remained in the basement as ordered.
The eldest with Noah right behind her walked out of the house to see the stats of the fight though it was clear who had won the fight. Noah shivered by the sight of the body parts scatter all around, such a massacre it was. The eldest just laughed while clapping her hands with such joy to see the heartless soldiers dead. Noah just stared at the bodies as the others licked their fingers, hands and lips clean from the blood that was shed. Soon the eldest was laughing as the others slowly join her; Tiphanny, Jarrisa, Aneeka, Keanah and finally stricken with madness Noah had join them.
It was an hour before sunrise; they must clean up the mess before the others discover the bodies and their location for sleep. With grace and skill Aneeka lifted the bodies that were mostly intact while Jarrisa clean up the organs and blood stains on the ground and on the house. Keanah and Tiphanny clean up the rest of what was left of the men and dogs. Noah swept the ashes of the men who suffered their fate by Keanah. Stacy the eldest was setting traps all around so that nothing could disturb them as they slept through the day, waiting to take back the night once more.
Within seconds, the job was done; making the house looked perfectly normal and abandoned. One by one the girls went into the basement but, to different rooms behind the meeting room. Each room had a coffin for the girls; one was purple with golden letters spelling the name “Aneeka”. The other was a navy blue also with golden letters saying the name “Jarrisa” and the other was a bright blue color with a black rose that covered the coffin with thorns along with the golden letter spelling “Tiphanny”. Another coffin was black and a skull with fangs was at the center of the lid with a rose in its mouth, a pure red rose. The last room had two coffins one for Noah and the other was for the oldest. Noah’s coffin was white with a huge black cross on top of the lid, like the others he had the same golden letters that spelled his name “Noah”. The eldest coffin was golden with roses of all sorts of colors covered it all over with emerald letters that spelled her name “Stacy”.
The rooms were sealed behind the meeting room by stones that they could easily break. But, this could seal the light and others away from their slumber. This was strangely the first day that Noah ever slept in a coffin but, he quickly got used to it though he missed sleeping close to the eldest. The eldest slept earlier than the others and often woke up late or even early. The sun finally rose up and filled the house with its golden blazing light.
Keanah was the first one to awaken from the slumber and slowly wander to the wall to hear any sounds. There were no other sounds which meant that no other living thing was in the house which would be safe to break the wall. Silently she broke the wall and looked about the room only to see it destroyed. Noah was behind her suddenly and gave her a quick shock of fear. “What’s wrong with you!? You can’t sneak up to a girl like that!” Keanah yelled at him but not so loud to disturb the others. He laughed and went through the room to the stairs like he didn’t notice the damage of the place.
Keanah followed him up the stairs and into the forest to an abandoned house were there was a soldier, trying to reach the others. Keanah stood in the darkness as Noah quickly took the soldier by the neck almost crushing it. “Well? Hurry up and fed! You’re not the only one who is thirsty!” Keanah said, getting annoyed by his behavior. He just stared at her and smiled as he suddenly disappears before her eyes. “What the……Where are you!?” she demanded sharply but, he was already gone.
Back at the house; Tiphanny, Jarrisa and Aneeka were awake while sitting in the ruins of their current home. The eldest was still asleep but, something was different in the eldest room. There was a Nazi soldier in the room, cursing at Noah with fear filling his eyes along with his tears. Jarrisa went to find out what was going on but, Noah just convinced her not to worry about it. He told her that he had everything under control and that the soldier isn’t going to make it out alive anyways.
Keanah finally arrived at the house looking through the house with eyes filled of anger and thirst. The others noticed her mood but, didn’t ask why since she was usually angry when she didn’t feed. Tiphanny and Jarrisa went out to a near by campsite of Nazis perfect for drinking. Aneeka and Keanah stayed behind to watch the house while the others went off. Even the eldest and Noah went off though none of them knew why. The eldest was taking a walk around the forest one last time before heading off into the bloody wars that Hitler is in.
Keanah told Aneeka what she had seen when she awoke from her sleep. “I saw Noah taking a Nazi soldier when he was calling for help! He’s acting selfish!! He just took the soldier and left me with nothing!” she went on and on about it. Aneeka grew tired and finally said “Girl shut the lip! And by the way…..I saw him dragging a Nazi into Stacy’s room….you don’t think…..come with me.” Aneeka dragged Keanah to Stacy’s room where there laid the Nazi soldier, dead in a huge pool of crimson red blood. The two examined the room carefully; the coffins and the body where it had been torn apart like they had done the other night.
Aneeka only laughed while Keanah stared with anger saying that he could at least clean up after himself. “Maybe he ‘could’ be useful after all….we just have to convince him to join the army and attack the German brats along with the Americans.” Aneeka said with an evil smile on her face.

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