Fairytales aren't always good

July 29, 2010
By HollyKristine BRONZE, Gales Creek, Oregon
HollyKristine BRONZE, Gales Creek, Oregon
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Once upon a time...
There lived a girl who had a friend. She had another friend and another friend. She loved her friends, but there was an evil witch who liked to snatch them away. The witch did that to 6 of her friends. All 6 of them were no longer in her life. This made her very angry.
One day the girl told the witch how hurt she felt. The witch didn't care. A witch never does. She felt so lonely. She yelled to God, "Why don't I get to keep any of my friends?! Why do you let the witch take them away from me?!" She cried and cried feeling lonely and depressed. "I only have 1 friend left God! Only 1! Save me God!" God listened, but made no action. After all, he is very busy.
The girl loved to sing. She sang with all her favorite songs. She decided to channel all her anger into singing. It made sound even better than people told her she was. It made her feel beautiful and powerful, but there's still something missing. Friends.
"I love you God." She said. "I love that you love me and accept me even though I'm not perfect. You challenge me by sending me the witch, who looks nothing like a witch. She's beautiful, and 1 ups me in everything. We all know she can't sing, but has a different talent. Being a witch! Why must you love us both?" The answer is God loves everybody. We're his creation, his children.

The author's comments:
This story is about a girl who's lonely and only has one friend besides God. She places her anger into singing.

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