The Choice

July 25, 2010
By , Mapleton Depot, PA
The sun came bursting out of the sky. It lit the world in lucious colors filled with friendly lullabiesand the world began to wake.This is no mere world. It is my world.The place I go that is uniquejust as I, myself am unique.The air is filled with the alluring scent of vanilla.The sky is that deep, luminous purple you get at sunset. In the short distance is the course outter layer of a cliff.Perched on top is a anciently beautiful castle. It is made of course stone, but it is beautiful as flawless marble.Ivory is crawling up its sides, and beautiful flowers blooming all around. Inside is as beautiful as any palace. Outside is its own beauty. The steep cliff right outside the castle is the wonderful tip to it all. For even a foot outside the door the smell of the ocean engulfs you. The crisp clean air of the ocean begins to flow through you and bring you to life. As you turn to look at the castle the sight will leave you breatheless. Everywhere is greenary and the only thing fluttering around is butterflies and adoable little birds. There is a swing ready for you to sit and inviting you to get lost in this beautiful land. Now the question is....Do you take the seat and become apart of that world or do you doubt what you see and go back to reality?

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