Picture for the Heart

August 2, 2010
By Anonymous

I was amazed by the intense liviness! The depth behind everything distracted me from the beat of everything. I could still tap my foot to the very alive beat, but there was more. Feelings attacked me! Like as if a lightening bolt has struck and electricity raced. Sure it only lasted for a few seconds, but more came and electricity never let go! Thump, thump my heart raced as I approached with more, but this time I could handle it. No tears flooded, no laughs heard, and no heads shook in disapproval. The only thing that was tangible to the senses was the breath in and out. But inside if you could see through the density of my hardship was my colorful spirit. Outside seemed black, no color and defiantly no feeling, but the inside was a wild picture that only hearts can understand!

The author's comments:
Inside the mind and heart there are new feeling to be born.

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