How Did the Old Lady Get In the Shoe?

July 24, 2010
How did the old lady get in the shoe? Was there a nuclear bomb that sent out radioactive waves which caused everything except for humans and animals to become giant? Or did alien species come from Mars with their shrink rays and shrink all living things? Hmmm, I bet you can't answer that question. And if you can, you are lying! Shun the liars and the make believe! But wait, if we shun the make believe, the we won't have fairy tails. We wouldn't have an old lady living in a shoe, or a wooden boy with a growing tree branch as a nose, or a servant girl who gets driven to a ball in a pumpkin. Why can't I have a fairy godmother? Why can't I have a prince charming? Why?!! But wait, you never answered my question. How did the old lady get in the shoe?!?!

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