Trapped Memories

July 27, 2010
By Alexandier... SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
Alexandier... SILVER, Cleveland, Ohio
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Its 1: 35 a.m.
All my things are packed in the U-Haul truck.
iSit here in my empty room.
With noo power, 'cause why pay the bill if i*ll never be here, again.
Sitting here in the corner of my room curled-up into a ball.
iStart to think of all the pain i went through living here&how all the memories will finally be erased.
But...all of the good memories will be gone, with the bad 1*s.
Do i want to risk the good memoriez, jus to erase the bad?
Tears fall down my face.
They slide down da side of my cheek.
1 slides to the corner of my mouth.
It tastes like medal, instead of salty water like regular tears.
iRecogize the taste...
Im cryin blood!
iRaise my hand to whip my tears of blood, but they dont seem to slow down the tears any.
iJus keep cryin.
Pull myself-up, un-willingly.
As i walk through my empty, powerless room.
Memories go through my head.
iGuide my way through my house&once i thouch the wall, a memory will go through my head.
Once the memory comes to my head, more blood seems to fall from my eyes.
iConstantly whip the blood from my eyes, but it doesn*t seem to help.
iFinally found my way to the front door.
As i twist the door knob all of the memories come rushin to my head, like a brain freez from an icee.
Overwhelming my head.
iHeld my head with 1hand&tugged the dorr with the other, but it wasn*t enough strength.
iTook both of my hands, twisted the door knob&placed my right foot on the outside of the door frame&planted my foot on the ground.
iYank the door with all my force.
The door came flyin' open.
iRan&threw myslef off my proch&landed in the grass.
As i lay there i see my tears fall onto the grass.
There clear, now.
iHave my regular tears back.
iStruggle myself-up back on my feet.
As i stand there infront of my house, with my regular tears still endlessly falling down my face.
My house begins to fall.
Piece by piece.
As my house falls apart piece by piece, my tears start to slowly fall.
The house finally collapsed&my tears stopped.
All the memories seemed to escape from my mind...

iWalk back down the path-way down the truck.
iTake a look back&your name pops into my head.
Then your face.
Then your body.
Who are you?

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