Too Closed for Comfort

July 22, 2010
By cowboyclp BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
cowboyclp BRONZE, Morristown, New Jersey
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Too Closed For Comfort

I’m Locked Away From It

My Only Desire

Is To Break Through the Shell

I Try and Try

And Finally Break Free

I’m Finally with It, But Now I’m

Too Close For Comfort

The flames engulfing the rundown apartment building shot up 30 feet in the air. The smoke rising reached out to each end of the sky, up to the tallest buildings, and was darker than the moonless sky. Hundreds of people watched in terror as scared and burnt victims dashed out of the building. Many firemen were still inside, looking for other helpless victims.

One of these men, David Cross, ran through the halls screaming to anyone else that could have still had a pulse, but there was no response. Pieces of the ceiling were crashing to the burgundy colored carpet, and David stopped, and started to turn towards the door heading out nearest him. As he walked towards the exit, a faint scream broke out and David stopped. He knew the building was moments away from collapsing on him, but he couldn’t leave anyone behind.

Trying to run down a hallway that is practically melting in front of your eyes is a very difficult thing to do. David decided this as he ran through the everlasting hallway. The Radio that was strapped to David’s side was now calling for all firemen to evacuate the building, but David didn’t consider heading in the other direction. On his way to the screaming, David realized that his oxygen level was dropping rapidly, but he didn’t hesitate. The screaming became louder now, and David knew he was only a few steps away from finding the helpless person. At least that’s what David thought. This scream became louder and louder, and it wasn’t until David was truly close to the victim that he realized how piercingly loud this scream was. David, now sprinting was looking straight as a pin into the smoke, and after an additional 15 seconds of running, he reached the end of the hallway. On the other side of a large, metal door, the piercing scream was at it loudest, and David could hardly hear himself think. On the ground was a puddle of the doorknob . David took 3 steps back, and then jolted at the door, only to feel his left shoulder crumble from the impact. David repeated this several times, and on the 4th try, he ran through the door and fell on the concrete floor. David stood up and started to feel his way around the room. He headed towards a window, in which light from the fire sirens were flashing. The room was dark, but he still got a glimpse of the layout. At that moment, David turned towards the door and dashed across the room. His body slammed against the ground, and while he started helping himself up the walls and ceiling collapsed over him. He was helpless.

The sunlight pressed against the debris of the building that burned the night before. Cop cars and fire trucks lined each side of the small road, and neighbors of the building just stared at the debris with teary eyes. Firefighters climbed through the debris that looked like it stretched for miles. All was destroyed, except for a small blue stove, in which a canary yellow tea pot sat in silence.

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