Angel From Hell -Chapter One- Disastrous Kissing

July 22, 2010
By Anonymous

He draws you in like a flame, his bright red eyes full of chaos. destruction, and passion. It's impossible to tame him, you can't escape his wrath. No matter how hard you run or hide. Once he comes down to help seeming like such an innocent person like an angel. He'll tie you down filling you with with lies and you think he's so right and nice that he won't even harm a fly well watch him take down the world with you in it. fine don't take my words or warnings but he'll get you at midnight and I won't do a thing except maybe say I told you so. You've just met the angel from hell I hope he was worth dying for ;)
The brown and blue-haired gave the warning to the girl in her dream. Personally I think it would be smarter to tell in peron to know it's an actual warning, but it's not like they cared what happened to her like they did to me....
I could try to give her a warning in person, but I'm bind...

"Bye Sylvia", I said leaving my best friend's party. "Are you sure, it's midnight. she said with a worried look on her face. I mean Anthony can drive you home if you want." Yes of course because he just kissed me out of the blue and everything's just fine. Yup and now we're going to the club to get drunk. Yeah, right!!!!. "No, thanks Sylvia I feel like walking", I said. "Are you sure?" but this time it wasn't Sylvia who said it. I mean it's no bother at all he said pleading me with his eyes. I bet even if I said no he'd pick me up and drag me to his car. Maybe I should say yes to just get over it and it would be the right thing to do... "No. thanks I'm fine" When have I ever done the right thing? I'll deal with it later tonight is time to put pjs and get a headache from thinking about it to much and form the brain freeze of the century I'm about to get form eating double chocolate ice cream. I also have to think of that weird dream I had. I started to walk down the street and in the process I eventually started singing "There's a Good Reason these tables are numbered Honey" by Panic at the Disco. "I'm the new cancer, never looked better; you can't stand it because you said under your breath when did he get all confident" I looked at my surroundings and I soon realized I have no clue where I am. You'd think by now that I'd know where my own house is. I wonder if I can find my way back to Sylvia's house. Where is back... I'll just ask some random person from this neighborhood. I looked around, but no one was on the street. Well duh who'll be out at midnight, no sane person would be up, but Sylvia had to have her party until midnight. "Oh I hope Billy kisses me at midnight that would be so romantic”, she said. Yeah I got kissed at midnight by her big brother, wasn't romantic... It felt like he was wrestling with my tongue and i slapped him later but I have awful aim so I accidentally hit his head. My bracelet then got caught on his hair. How wonderful is that? I tried pulling it gently without hurting him but he didn't notice my bracelet was caught on his hair, so it look like I was pulling him closer and he took it as a come on. Yay, another exchanging of spit, while I try to gently take out my bracelet. I eventually took it out without him noticing and in mid-lip I ran away to the bathroom and rinse my mouth about 1000 times, I still think I need to rinse it about one million more times that will do the trick. I bet right now he thinks that girls are insane and will be emotionally scarred for life when his "high school sweetheart" broke his heart in to a million pieces. I've known him for years, he is VERY dramatic.
When I was in laland in the middle of the street deep in thought, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see a Greek God in front of me, but I've hang out with a bunch of hot guys in my life do to Anthony's friends. They're in the supposedly "cool crowd" The guy had blond hair, blue eyes, a tan? Here in Washington? "Excuse me are you lost?" he asked me. "No are you? Who has a tan in Washington?" I replied. Okay... technically I'm lost, but he seemed even more lost. He smirked and said "It's natural" I just felt dumb and said "Oh". Yup, I’m so intelligent and articulate. "I lived here for many years I'm not lost, but I'm 99% sure your lost because your in the middle of the road standing around like an idiot” he said as if he were stating that as a scientific fact. "Bye", I said running. He was annoying, weird, and rude. I don't like him at all. I kept running forward and looked back to check for something randomly.... Just habit from when Sylvia would always chase me after I stole her cookies. I looked forward and he was right there. "I'm escorting you to your house" he said again sure that he was going to do just that. "NO WAY!" I screamed outraged by the weird guy. He sighed and picked me up bridal style. I screamed right in his ear and he dropped me, by the way that hurts! He was obviously insane and ten times stronger than me. He looked very angry that I thought I saw little sun rays poring out of his skin. He breathed deeply and picked me up like if I was a package! He also made sure I couldn’t reach his ear, face, hair, and that thing below the belt... I was stuck. "Where is your address" he asked casually. Well I gave up and told him. During the whole time he just kept humming something. I was bored, so I asked him what song it is. "It's a special song about love” he said. "Can you sing a lyric or two?" I asked a little bit more enthusiastically this time. “One fair lady made me feel a thing I never knew existed. I met her on a hot day under a shady tree. We kissed, but something was missing, so I let her go and went on to the next girl"
"I don't like it, it ended sadly with no good reason" I said. "Some people aren't good kissers" he said. I felt guilty now and her face was red with the embarrassing memory.” I’m so glad I'm never going to date you” I mumbled under my breath. He chuckled lightly and secretly smiled. When we finally got to my house he kissed me , but unlike Anthony it was soft and gentle, but I ended up slapping him and kneeing him because I hardly know him! "Bye" I said and kissed him on the forehead. Perfect ending to a day of disastrous kissing. Oh well I got a beautiful double chocolate ice cream who's been waiting patiently for me all night.

The author's comments:
Other writers? I came up with this idea randomly today.... okay no I found it on my Microsoft works and I never bothered going over the first paragraph. It started as a poem and then I made it into a story. What I hope they will learn? Kissing is fatal in a relationship? I'm not sure. What I hope they get out of this is hopefully GOOD entertainment.

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