July 21, 2010
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"Sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray" sung a low almost whisper of a mans voice. Running his fingertips on the picture covered walls. Taking in the family photos while humming the tune of the song. He heard a muffled voice of a woman coming from the end of the hallway. Anticipating every step he took, the man twisted the knob vigorously in one swift move, shoving the door out of his way. Entering the small modern bathroom, he gazed at a young blonde haired teenage highschool student, he could smell her fear in the air. Inching closer he heard a mixed mumble of words coming from her mouth just before he yanked her by the arm plunging his razor snakelike teeth into her neck, draining her from all blood that was once running through her vains. White as a ghost, he laided her lifeless body on the bathroom floor. Satisfied with his killing he began to walk into the hallway, when he heard a whimper of distress coming from the closet. Creeping up to the door he turned the knob slowley opening the door to a see a child looking about the age of three, male, and helpless. The man felt a tinge of guilt run through his body, as detecting by the resemblance in hair and bone structure he has killed off the last of the boys family. Every instinct in his body were telling him to leave the child behind and go on his way,but he wrapped the little one up and began to walk from the way he came, humming the same song.......

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