Adventures of Cat and Brandi! Part 1

July 20, 2010
My name is Catherine 'Cat' Brown. I am 16 years old. i have blonde and black short hair, brown eyes, and my best friend's name is Brandi Ross. Even though I only known her for a year, it feels like i have all my life! And yes I am bi and gothic. But she is well... unique!

Hi! I'm Brandi! I'm 16 years old and I have medium black hair and brown eyes! I am ubber hyper all the time! People call me emo, but i dont like labels. I just like being myself! My best friend is Cat! She is like my otha self! haha and we already claim a song to dirty to say!I am also bi! So... This story will mainly be in my POV! (If you don't know what POV means its Point Of View)

Okay! On with the story!

(Cat's POV)
First day of school and i'm wearing my trippy pants and a tight long sleeve shirt. I wait underneath the emo dome (pavellion at our school). I talk to my friend Lianna about Pokemon when all of a sudden I feel something jump on me from behind. I know who it was instantly. Brandi. She is my other side... My love side. I have loved her for a year now but i'm to scared to ask her out so we have been best friends.

(Brandi's POV)
I walk onto school property walkin towards the emo dome where i always hang before, during, and after school. I spot Cat. I run up to her quietly as a ninja and jump on her back scaring her half to death. The look on her face was priceless then she smiled when she notices it was me. Boy! Have I missed that smile.

After a while of talkin our crew shows up. Our crew consistes of Me, Cat, Raven, Julian, Lianna, Falisha, Azaria, and Kevin. Our crew is known to be weird. Mainly me because i always freak out my crew by rough housing with Cat making them think were fighting. We havnt done it in 3 months so we decidedto do it when everyone gets there.

Cat: You little sneeze snopper!
Brandi: You anerixic hoe!
Cat: Your Just like your mother
! A good for nothing! (FYI I dont do drugs. They are bad! Very bad!)
Brandi: That's it! I had it with you!
We start to punch each other lightly makin sure we don't hurt the other, trying to hold in out laughter. The faculty already know that when we do this its playing around so no teacher comes.
I accidently get a good one in on her and she starred at me in shock.
We got up and laughed at the faces of our friends. They were soo mad at us. But we didn't care.

Next part will come up soon. hope you liked the first part!

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gigglygillmore365 said...
May 21, 2011 at 2:39 pm
Your article is okay. you have some grammar ans spelling issues though. i dont really understand why you bothered to write about cat being in love with brandi... to me, it doesnt really have anything to do with the story line... but hey, it may come up later in another part o the continuation of the story. over all it is... interesting
bbeast said...
May 2, 2011 at 3:45 pm
This is really interesting. I really like it. You have some grammar issues but I like that someone is actually incorporating different sexualities into their work.
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