What could it be?

July 10, 2010
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As I pull up to the drive of the fast food place, I see all dark except for their bright blinding neon sign. Driving along, I look down. I am very confused because I am still in my blue fleece pajamas and the blue polka dotted slippers my friend bought me. As I pass the sign, I wander over to the window. I realize I did not order, but before I could even react to my mistake, the window to my car opens. I am bewildered because my hands were still on the wheel. I look up and find myself in a tunnel of scary darkness. Suddenly, the window to the building opens.

After what seems like ages, an old almost dead-like, wrinkly hand appears out of nowhere. All I see is a hand and the darkness not even a shadow body or face. The veins are dark violet with many patterns.

In the old wrinkly hand holds a square plastic object. It has a picture and a color on it and lots of small words. I reach out and take the hard plastic item. I am very baffled.

I hear a bell of some sort and my head pops off a pillow. As I become more oriented , I jump out of bed, and run to my pocket book on my desk. I grab and unzip my wallet. As I reach into my wallet, I find something plastic, rectangular and colorful; the same thing that was in that old, scary hand in my dream.

It’s my license.

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