Love Never Dies

July 18, 2010
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A boy tells a girl that he likes her and he thinks she is beautiful and she starts thinking that he really liked her. She started to fall in love with him. She told him that she was falling in love with him and he says “okay that’s cool, but I only like you. I don’t really know you." She thought everything is fine after that, but its not. He tells her that he doesn’t like her anymore because he found someone else that he likes. Ok that’s fine but she was still heart Broken. So she asked him" Can we still hang out though?" Yeah that fine I still like you but as a friend. Okay cool. So when she got home she notices that she got a text from him. It says" I’m really sorry but I have fallen in love with that girl. I’m really sorry!" They were going out also. You and I still can be friends but not lovers. A tear begins to fall. She doesn’t want to believe it. She wanted to think it’s just a nightmare not real life and that she would wake up, but its real life. She couldn’t text him back because she was too sad to talk to him. The next day she went with her friends and they were all looking at him. Her friends told her to look and she saw those holding hands and all over each other. She was trying to hold tears in but one fell out." They barley started going out how could they do that." She thought to her self. All she wanted to do was to cry and runaway. By the time it was lunch she noticed that they were weren’t hanging out with each other. He was talking to his friends. So she decided to walk by. He saw her and asked "Hey are you okay?" "Look I’m sorry about us."She replied "Yeah im fine and it’s no big deal I can’t make you love me." He answered back "But I do love you!" With a confused look on her face she said "WAIT WHAT DID YOU SAY?" He answered "I do love you its just I can’t love you." With a tear abot to fall she asked "Why not?" He said "Because if anything ever happened we wouldn’t be friends and I would rather be your friend then nothing at all." She was very confused and asked "So where’s your girlfriend?" I don’t know. Okay well I’m going to go now bye. Wait no; I want to ask you something. Ummm okay? Will you go out with me? What about what you just said and your girlfriend? I broke up with her and I know you and I will always be together for ever. Awww really okay the answer is yes! Ok well I have to get to class now. Okay bye love you babe. Bye love you.*Kiss on the check*

By now they have been going out for a year now and haply together. Girl says hey what’s wrong? Boy says look I’m sorry but I can’t see you anymore. What why?!?! I have cancer and I have to take a surgery they said most likely I might not make it. Tears fall.* girl gives hug * Boy: today is my last day of school and it may be my last day. Girl doesn’t know what to say. I’m sorry I have to go now. Girl gives him a hug and a kiss. Boy: I love you and I always will. Girl: me 2 byes I love you.

That day the boy had the surgery and he passes away. His mom called the girl to tell her and she was crying all she could think about was the good times they had. The girl hung up and ran to the bathroom and got a razor and cut on her arm I will always be with him. She bled to death. Her parents saw her and her laying there and they read her arm.

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CheyGurl said...
Jul. 22, 2010 at 9:40 pm
this is the first sad story i typed up... i know i messed up alot sorry
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