Plastic People

July 15, 2010
By Solipsism=Confusion GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
Solipsism=Confusion GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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It was a sickening sight to watch. Nobody did anything they just watch. There was even a man laughing. What has happen to us? Nothing made sense. That poor being just laid there, dying. The audience were just sitting back and enjoying the show. Why am I doing nothing, you say? Well... I too am shock or could it be that I'm enjoying this. No! Yes! No! No! I'm not inhuman, yet this fun to watch. No! No! Leave me Alone! Why can't I stop watching? This creature of one of us. " You shall not hurt thy neighbor," the man in the sky once told me. I feel like a, a, a...parasite. Feeding off this man's pain and misery. Why do I enjoy it? Why!? No! Leave Me Alone! Leave Me Be! People looked at me. They thought I was a lunatic, but in reality they were and you too. You are doing nothing. You're just laughing, enjoying my misery and pain, you parasite. Attaching to me and draining all my heart away. The being who was withering away screamed for help. Right after he screamed everybody began to laugh. They laughed because it was funny. Heh, it was funny...NO! It wasn't. Again he let out another scream. It was bloodcurdling. A uproar of laughter came. Heh, heh, ha ha ha! It was funny! i can't hold it back anymore. I love this. O, what a great feeling. Who cares about the man in the sky. If he truly loves his creation he'll save him. That supposed God never saves anybody. I remember when I was a fool. Following him and reading his book. How naive I was back then. Promising he bring peace and salvation. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I'm false and maybe this a test to see who believes, but why would he do that? Why can't he just come and tell us everything? I feel small. If there really is a man in the sky, I hope that he just kills us already. O, what am I saying? I sound like a lunatic. Let me enjoy the fun. The being's misery will end soon enough. Look at him squirm and scream. God help me. What a poor naive fool I am.

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