Darkest secrets

June 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Blade awoke out of a deep depressing dream. He dreamt about the day his parents were tooken away. He never knew why .He remembered the mysterious people. He told the cops but, they didn't believe a word he said. They put him in a foster home. It was horribleNight after night he would fall asleep with bugs crawling on his weak body. He was filled with depression and guilt.He thought he could save them. He felt so stupid. He felt like no one dared to care. It was Blade's 7th birthday he was going to be in for a surprise.

A couple came in. Their names were Asami and Yoshio Cutrip. Asami lost her child Teruo in a tragic car accident. Asami was scarred ever since that day. She remembered that day when a car smashed into hers. She counted each flip.1, 2, 3. When the ambulance came they saved her but,not her baby.

Baby where did you go? She never drove since. She was very suicidal. She just wanted her baby. She would do anything to be with him. Why did he go away? She hears his name and it kills her.

When she saw Blade his eyes interested her. His black shiny hair enticed her. She looked at her husband and whispered I found my baby! I love him already.
It took months for the papers to go through. When they took blade home he was a little shy. One night Asami read a book to him. Then she whispered in his ear I love you. He thought to his self he hasn’t heard that since his dad…well who cares he thought. I have a family that loves. I know they won’t leave.

Years past. Blade was 15. He was very anti social he had one friend Lily Nicals. She was a green eyed beauty. Unlike Blade she was really popular. But, only Blade knew her secret. He swore he would never tell.

Lily was 10 years old. Her parents had to work. So they dropped her off at a close friend’s house. He hurt her. He took her into his basement and beat her. Then he forced his self upon her. Luckily, her dad came right in time. Blade couldn’t believe her. That could never happen to someone so perfect.

Lily went walking and found a mysterious book in a puddle. It had a silver cover. On the front it said, ”Kechegami”. Lily remembered what Blade told her. His dad was part of the Kechegami. Blade! Check this out? He said,’’Calm down Mrs. hyperness. It stated that a person of the Kechegami could not marry a human. That’s why his parents were token away.

Blade ran to the nearest bridge and cried. He was there since 8:00PM. He came home finally.Mrs.Cutrip yelled,’’ Blade London Lawliette Cutrip. Lawliette was a name he didn’t want to hear. That was his parents last names.
He went off in a rage. You are always on my back! Mr.Cutrip said,’’Eh slow your role! Blade said,’’It’s obvious you hate me.’’ You should have just left me to rot in the foster home! Blade! Blade slammed his bedroom door. Mrs.Cutrip went up to his room.Blade I love you!

I know you don’t understand. Blade you I am. You’re everything to me. If I lost you I’d go crazy. I love you too!
I just want to meet my real parents. I know you do and you will. Now, go to sleep.

Blade woke up to a phone call. It was Lily! Blade you know that book I found. Yeah. It was made in China. So. So your parents are in China. I know what you’re thinking I already told you parents. They just want my parents to go and for us to sleep in different rooms.

Are you stoked for school? Not going uh, yes you are. No! Blade you got ten seconds to get out of bed or I swear I will body slam you through concrete got that? Blade laughed at the sight of a 133pound girl body slamming him. Soon he could feel Lily’s eyes burning into his fragile neck. Let’s go!

Lily’s friends came rushing over to her. Hi Lily! Wanna go to the Lady Gaga concert. I would but, I want to study with Blade. Blade was in shock just like her friends were. Why study with him? Because I li- oh it’s time to go study bye!
What were you going to say? Nothing.
Blade? Hmm. If you like someone how do you tell them? I never had that situation. Me neither just wondering. I’m going to go pack my bags.Bye. See ya! It’s time to leave.
Finally. It was a long time til they got to China. Lily fell off the bus. Luckily, Blade caught her. Lily wanted to kiss him but she caught herself.

They met their tour guide Kitana. Blade melted when he saw her. She looked like Misa from Death note he thought. Lily was covered in jealousy. You’re a little bit too young for pigtails hun. Kitana giggled OMG! Worry about yourself. You little bit-...Blade cut her off lets go!

Blade saw a familiar face. Blade heard a voice in his head it said,’’ You’re not alone’’. Blade ran to this man. Dad? Shh! He hugged Blade with the tightest grip. Finally I have you. Lily said,’’Sir not to be mean but where is his mom.

She’s dead. Blade screeched in shock. There is so much to talk about. Blade quickly said,’’ Not interested! Blade I need you to be careful. People want to kill you. Why? You are the Vitria. You have the power of peace and evil. Do I have the power to bring Mom back? Son. What ever!

Blade walked away. Lily ran after him. Blade that was rude! Every time I am having fun being at peace something bad happens! Blade yelled, ‘‘I wish I was never put on Earth. ‘‘Well Blade I do! Everyone loves you Lily. Well I lo-never mind we need to find out more about this vitria thing.

Dad I’m sorry. It’s okay it’s a lot to bare. Yeah! I’ve noticed I’ve been getting stronger and stronger lately. Well I’m going to go to the Hotel. Bye son. Kitana was still there hey Blade. Hi. Kitana can you leave for a bit. Sure. Lily went walking in the woods. A strange man grabbed her.

Blade felt a shot of pain in his heart. Blade ran into the woods. Look we have a visitor. Blade! Let her go! Blade quickly ran towards him. Then the man flipped Blade into a large stone. It knocked Blade unconscious. They call you the Vitria.

Savior of the Kechegami. Right? Mom and Dad always loved you didn’t they. You were their golden child. Why? I mean look at you Blade woke up in mid sentence. Who are you I’m your brother Demashi. You’re sadistic! I know I’m also your brother. What?

I hate you! I want you to die Blade! Demashi took out a sharp knife. Die. Then a gorgeous woman came and stabbed Demashi. Demashi squealed mother why? Blade looked and said mother I thought you were dead? Lily squealed!Blade then knew the story didn’t seem to end. It has just begun.

The author's comments:
This story is for the people who are destined to find something they have missed for a long time.

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on Jul. 22 2010 at 5:28 pm
xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
4 articles 1 photo 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
Don't follow others go where the wind takes you

I do go to cosplays I'm thinking about either being Len Kagamine or L from deathnote 

Sasukelover said...
on Jul. 22 2010 at 4:33 pm
I think it's great how original you are you don't just stick with regular things Like writting about vampires and junk I love that about your stories Oh btw do you go to any cosplays?

on Jul. 20 2010 at 8:36 pm
xHellokittyfairyx BRONZE, Fortwayne, Indiana
4 articles 1 photo 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
Don't follow others go where the wind takes you

YES i do i write it with friends!

Anime fairy said...
on Jul. 20 2010 at 8:35 pm
I love this I heard you are in to writting manga too!

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