I'm Sorry...or are you?

June 21, 2010
By Shelbs13 GOLD, White Plains, New York
Shelbs13 GOLD, White Plains, New York
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What do you mean when you say ‘I’m sorry’? Do you really mean forgiveness? Do you actually want to apologize? There are an infinite amount of meanings this short, two word phrase.

“My grandmother just passed away.”

“Oh, I’m…I’m so sorry.” That’s all you can say to show your sympathy for the loss of someone so special. There are billions of words in the English language and that, that phrase, those words were the ones chosen.

“I hate when people try to control my life! I am old enough to make my own decisions!”

“I know…I’m sorry.” What else can you say? You were the one provoking the argument. You started it! Why did you say those words to him? Why did you use her name? Why did you hang up the d*** phone? Yes, you were upset at him, but after you thought it over and you calmed down, all you wanted to hear was his voice and him comforting you and you comforting him, but now he doesn’t want to even speak to you. Yes you were mad, but now look. You’re helpless and the one you love is upset and all you can say is “I’m sorry”.

“Of course he is staying over. We live about an hour away from each other and its 7 o’clock.”

“Well, sorry for being so dumb.” I know what you mean here. You asked a question and to you, it wasn’t stupid, but to the one asked, it was as if common knowledge. Of course he’s staying, not visiting and yet, you felt dumb and so said, “Well, sorry…” You weren’t really angry or upset, you just were being sarcastic. This usage of ‘I’m sorry’ wasn’t to apologize, but to simply express your playful aggravation.

“D*** it! I told you not to do that! I kept telling you time and time again, but did you listen? NO!”

“Alright, I’m sorry okay?!” You’re both pissed. You did something wrong, but you don’t see it as such. What was so awful about it? Nothing to you, but everything to the other and are you really sorry? Hell no, you just want them to shut up.

“Baby, please don’t be upset anymore.”

“No, you needed me and I wasn’t there for you. All I can say now is that I’m sorry…” That’s it, isn’t it? All there is left to say is you’re sorry. She needed you, she wanted you there to protect her, she wanted you to stay on the phone and make her feel better when she said that she didn’t want to talk to you right then. It was a blatant lie. Why couldn’t you see that? She always looks for you there when no one else is and you left her. You let her sit there, bawling her eyes out and suffering. You don’t know what to say…so you say sorry.

I’m sorry, lo siento, or je suis désolé. No matter what language, where you are, or your accent, ‘I’m sorry’ is all the same. Do you really mean forgiveness? Do you actually want to apologize? Maybe…maybe not.

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