June 30, 2010
By Slushi SILVER, Toronto, Other
Slushi SILVER, Toronto, Other
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It was that time of the year again. Snow drifted down from the cloudless sky and they danced, as if they could feel the excitement in the air. Lilian kept her head down, ignoring the flashing lights on every balcony and the ridiculous green and red combination of the decorations. She stepped in small hills of snow, oblivious to the holes in her boots. Her socks were soaked, and her feet, froze. Unexpectedly, a toddler ran into her. Wearing matching hats, scarves, mittens, and with his bright blue eyes and blonde hair, he could be a model for a children’s clothing line. Hurryingly after her baby, the mom’s shirt ruffled, and her face, the same. As she grabbed her precious baby, she looked at Lilian. The mother examined Lilian like she was some abnormal creature. She stared at Lilian’s ketchup-stained shirt, a size too big pant. Then, she put up her nose, smoothed her clothing and moved her kid away from Lilian. Lilian laughed. She was too used to this. She was tired of this. She could do nothing other than walk away. She had no choice. That was all she could do.

The author's comments:
It was written very quick. I plan on writing something short everyday, and this is the first one.

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