The Sides of Me

June 30, 2010
By Shadowkiss BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Shadowkiss BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Alina. Focus. Clear your mind, Ava whispered. I scowled.
“Yeah, I can do that when you’re whispering words in my head,” I thought. I could almost see the impression of a smile when I closed my eyes. Ava was fair skinned like me, except she had brown eyes instead of blue and dark hair instead of blonde.
You’re upset. What’s wrong? She asked, picking up on the sense of unease that probably emanated from me. I shook my head. “Nothing,” I lied. She frowned. Tell me the truth, she insisted. I rolled my eyes. “I am telling you the truth. Really, it’s nothing,” I repeated. She glared at me. It is to me if it upsets you. I suggest you tell me or I will find the answer by my own means, she warned. I sighed, knowing I could not fool her.
“It’s nothing. I… I had a dream last night,” I whispered. And? she pressed. I let out my breath that I had been holding in and let it all out. “I was murdered in it. By… I don’t know, someone familiar that I can’t quite put my finger on. He strangled me. And then I woke up,” I whispered, my hand unconsciously going up to my throat. Hmm… was all she said. I frowned. I didn’t exactly know what hmmm meant. But i knew my dreams weren't all just dreams. They usually mant something more.
I’ll look into it. Don’t you worry my dear. I won’t let anyone hurt you, she said, a sudden fierce protectiveness raging in her eyes. I smiled. “Thanks, Ava,” I said, grateful to have her on my side. Okay, let me explain. Ava was my ancestor and she was a witch just like me. She had been sealed away into this necklace by a guy who believed her to be evil, when of course she obviously wasn’t. The necklace had disappeared for a century, and I had just happened to find it one day.
And now, since she was sealed in the necklace I wore, I also had her knowledge and her abilities as a witch. But she was also an ancient woman who could do all sorts of magick and she had once told me I have a great destiny ahead of me. In a sense, she was my guide and pretty much taught me all I knew because my grandmother hadn’t been around long enough to teach me.
I sighed, looking out my window as I saw a shadowed figure in a car across the street from my house and froze, unable to move. There was that sense of danger and I could see a dark and pulsing aura coming from him. Whoever it was, he wasn’t a friend. “Ava?” I called. No answer. Great. It was as if my link with her had been cut off. And then he stepped out of the car and I could see his face.

I gasped. Definitely not a friend.

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i wrote this in under thirty minutes struck by an idea and finally came out of my writer's block coma.

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on Jul. 22 2010 at 1:27 pm
Shadowkiss BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
2 articles 0 photos 2 comments

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please feel free to comment you guys! id appreciate tips nd critiques. be tough if yu have to! :)

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