They watched on.

June 29, 2010
By ayziyu BRONZE, New York City, New York
ayziyu BRONZE, New York City, New York
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I huddled up against my kitchen's refrigerator, clutching myself and fighting to breathe. My eyes darted back and forth, crazed. Tears streamed down my cheeks. They could see me. They all could see me.

I crawled over to the oven, as far away from the doorway as I could, but I still couldn't escape the gazes. An anguished cry tore through my lips. I sprung up and ran into my living room with my eyes squeezed shut, landing on my couch and curling up into a ball.

Sobs racked my body as I covered my face with my hands. They wouldn't go away, they could still see me. How could I hide?!

Hours later, I emerged from my little borrow under my remaining sofa cushions, still trembling with fear. They continued to watch.

It was dark outside, I realized. My window's curtains were pulled aside the whole way, letting out the light. Panic clenched my heart, and I forced myself to stand and move. My legs could hardly support my weight anymore.

I approached the window cautiously from the side, and when I finally reached it I tried to pull the drapes closed as fast as possible. The support bar fell down, bringing the now-torn curtains with them. I collapsed to the floor, my throat tight and my eyes wide with terror. They were watching me! They could see me! I had no more defenses against their gaze.

"Stop it! Why are you watching me? Why wont you leave me alone!" I shrieked at them. I launched myself at the window, hammering my fists against it. "I wont let you see! Stop!" I felt my wrist twist awkwardly as my window's lower pane shattered. Shards imbedded themselves into my knuckles, but I still fought on as blood dripped down my hands. I punched at the bug screen, pushing the glass deeper and further scraping myself. A howl ripped out of my throat. They watched on.

The author's comments:
Insanity... who doesn't love it? This was a short piece I wrote or a little contest between friends using the prompt "window".

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