A gift like none other

July 6, 2010
By PrinceOfWar BRONZE, West Vancouver, Other
PrinceOfWar BRONZE, West Vancouver, Other
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The description of insanity, is doing things over and over and expecting a different outcome.

You could say I did not expect this to happen, and I really didn't. Meeting someone who could change my life, alter it this bad, was never part of the plan.
I knew he was coming, everyone knew, he had wiped out most of the country before coming here. A small town on the outskirts of the city, why not elminate everything else first, sounds like a great plan to me. The only thing we had to worry about was when he would come for you, seems that my family was the last he would choose, first my father, then mother. He was originaly coming for me first, but my brother protected me so he died out of turn. This was no human, no Jack the Ripper, no Zodiac, this was a monster wearing the skin of a human.
His laugh gave you chills, his eyes could take your soul, leaving you a hollow shell, the girls in my town attempted to make him fall in love, that was a useless attempt, he killed them as if it were nothing. I was hiding, in an abandonned cave off the beach, the ocean spray served to diguise my scent, it wouldn't last for long though. He would find me and I knew he would, he was close, I could hear his laughing. His laughter filled my mind, his voice soon came after "I will find you" it seemed to say into my head, I knew it couldn't be his voice though, it was too happy.
I saw a figure stand in the doorway to the cave, his dark figured stood out against the dark grey of the sky "You know, I can hear your accelerated heartbeat and your sweat, you're nervous" he was amused, looked as if I could not win against him, I could only face him and there was no way I was going down as being a coward.
I stood up from behind the boulder, he would not win. He was wearing a hood, he removed it, if he weren't going to kill me in a moment I would say he was handsome, tall muscular with almost black hair. "That's a good girl, come meet your fate alone" his tone was amused, he had a smile on his face I could bring myself to speak only in a whisper. "Just... Tell me who you are" He looked at me curiously "Why my dear, I am Death. This is the human form I take, my scythe remains at home" I looked at the man standing before me, his smile could make even the strongest of womens' hearts to flutter. Instead that smile sent a chill down my spine.
"If you are going to kill me, stop playing bloody games." I said strongly and angrily this seemed to catch him by surprise "My darling, I wish to play with my food, especially one that has such a fiesty spirit" he said before coiling an arm around my waist pulling me to him.
I let out a gasp "What are you doing?" I seemed to growl angrily "Well you see, I told you I like to have some fun with ones with a spirit such as yours" his voice was a whisper against my ear, his breath hot against the skin on my neck, I could feel my heart thud in my chest.
He noticed this and his other hand was on my cheek he pulled back to look me in the eye and I looked away "Don't worry, I won't be killing you with one look" he said moving my chin so I had to look him in the eye. His eyes were as blue as ice, there was a coldness behind them that I couldn't comprehend. "Just kill me" I said, I had no hope at all, my eyes seemed to plead him to kill me. This made him more amused, he shook his head "not just yet my dear. There is one thing I must do yet" I looked at him puzzled, then he leaned down and his lips met mine, just as soon as they were there, they were gone.
I felt weak, my heart gave a loud thud as his whispered in my ear. "That was a parting gift, maybe I will see you in the next life" That, was my last encounter with Death.

The author's comments:
My friend told me one day he said he saw the Grim Reaper/Death. he claimed to see Death kiss a girl. I hope you like it ^^

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