June 29, 2010
By SammiiGail BRONZE, Lansing, Kansas
SammiiGail BRONZE, Lansing, Kansas
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& keep your head up kid, because there are people killing to see you fall.

Dear …
She paused, thinking of the most perfect name. .
Dear Kyle,

You are the most wonderful thing in the world. How I wish I was lucky enough to have known you my whole life. That is only something I am able to dream about. But I guess I can redeem myself by spending as time with you as God allows.



She smiled, hoping that one day she could use this letter. She knew that she would have to add some things, but for now, it was amazing in her eyes.

“SAAABRINAAAA!!!!” a voice screamed from above.

“COMING!” Sabrina screamed back. Shrugging on a sweatshirt, she walked towards the stairs that led upstairs. Clicking off the lights, Sabrina turned to go up the stairs. BANG and Sabrina was out cold, with her face on the stairs.

“How is she Doctor?” asked the worried mother.

The man standing in white, holding a clip board, pushed up his glasses and looked the mom straight in the eye. “She has cancer,” were the words that came out of his lips. Any trace of despair was gone from his eyes. All traces of sadness were found on the mother’s face. Her knees collapsed from under her, causing her to fall into the nearest chair.

“I’m really sorry, I am. The cancer caused her to faint, which is why she fell on the stairs. Her cancer is in her heart,” the doctor said to the mother.

She looked up, into his cold eyes, understanding. The mother opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

The doctor nodded and spoke one last time, “I’ll give you two sometime. I do ask that you tell her. She has been asking.” He then walked out of the room.

The moment the door closed, all confidence came back into the young mother of three. Ever since her first born, Tyler, had become a druggie, she knew that she would have to be able to handle every situation that life brought to her. She thought that she could make it through; that is until her husband past away from a mental illness. Pari became much stronger from that, even though she still cries every night. Standing up, she marched right through the door, into the room that held her daughter captive. The girl sat up, a questioning look on her face.

“Mom, what’s wrong with me?” were the first words that could be spoken.

“Honey… Sabrina darling, you have cancer.”

The daughter’s face fell. Tears seemed to be pilling up on the outer rim of her eyes. She spoke softly and quietly, “Oh. . . Well can I have my phone pretty please? I need to call Xue.” The young broken girl stuck out a pale white hand.

“Of course,” Pari took out the blue phone from her pocket. It was flashing, saying that someone had left a text message for Sabrina. Pari handed over the phone, and walked out the room, giving her only daughter some time alone.

Crying, and crying hard, Sabrina didn’t know what she would say to Xue. It seemed impossible to tell your best friend for over 5 years that you had cancer. Well telling her and not getting her to cry. Sabrina thought over all the great times they had had together, which including meeting at a kayettes meeting. Kayettes was a club that they had at their school and both girls were in it. Both girls were new to the school. Both girls came from opposite sides of the world. Xue was born in China but her parents were both American. She had told Sabrina the story of how her parents picked out her name over a million times. “It was snowing, and snowing hard outside the hospital. The doctors kept saying xue, xue, xue! Since both my parents knew almost little Chinese, they thought they were saying this should be your new kid’s name. So when it came time to name me, they both said Xue,” Sabrina heard Xue’s voice tell the story in her head. Sabrina wiped the tears from her eyes, while silently entering her friend’s number into her wonderful phone. Holding the phone to her ear, she was able to here it ring… ring… ring…

“Hello?” answered a Chinese accented voice.


“Sabrina, what are you doing calling me? You know I’m grounded,” the accent was removed from the voice.

“Nooo talk with the accent, it’s getting really good!” Sabrina laughed.

“Ha I wish!” Xue said back.

“No seriously! You sounded Chinese! If I didn’t know any better, I would have actually thought you to be Chinese!” A smile formed onto Sabrina’s face.
“Oh you’re great! So tell me, why are you calling? And why did you miss school today? Mrs. Bragerman yelled at the entire class because no one was able to say where you were at, oh it was great.”
“Xue… I gotta tell you something. The reason I wasn’t at school today was cause I fainted and hit my head on the stairs...” Sabrina said, really softly.
“What happened?” Xue asked.
Sabrina could tell she was worried. “Well, turns out I have cancer.”

The other line was silent.

“Xue? You there?”

“Yea… I’m here...”

“Ok well I was really hoping that you could like come to the hospital. I need someone to be here, other than my mother,” Sabrina said, hope riding her voice.

“Sure, I’ll be right there. What hospital?” Xue said with a quiet voice.

“Children’s Mercy. I don’t know what room. Have your mom call mine for that info. Xue, I love you.”

“Yes, I know. I’ll be there as soon as I can get there. See you then,” Xue said right before ending the call.

Sabrina put the phone down, finally letting the tears fall down her almost translucent skin. Ripping out the ponytail, her long brown fell in front of her face, covering those heartbroken tears. A thought occurred and she pulled out her phone for one last time. One mass text to everyone in contacts was simple enough, simple enough to tell all those that the reason she was lucky enough to skip school because of one not so lucky reason. She got immediate responses, but she didn’t even care because she knew the one person whom she really wanted to text her back, never would. Even more tears fell from the thought of him. She lay down, putting her phone down, she slipped into a calming sleep.

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